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News Corp. To Provide OpenAI With News Content Over a Multiyear Term

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(CTN News) – OpenAI and News Corporation have inked an arrangement that will run for several years.

This agreement’s goal is to provide news information to the business for training purposes and to address user requests.

News Corporation is currently among the news organizations that have chosen to work with the most well-known artificial intelligence company rather than engage in any kind of competition with them as a result of this contract being concluded.

OpenAI will have access to content published in News Corp.’s major news outlets in compliance with the conditions of the agreement.

This covers both stuff that has recently been released and content that has previously been published. Publications that fall under this category include, for example, The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, The New York Post, and The Daily Telegraph.

The Wall Street Journal, a publication owned by News Corp., said that over a five-year period, the sale may be valued at over $250 million. This result was drawn even though the corporations declined to disclose the duration of the transaction or the total amount of money involved.

Among the major media companies that have license agreements with OpenAI are the Associated Press, the Financial Times in London, the daily Le Monde in France, the news publishing behemoths Axel Springer in Germany and Prisa Media in Spain.

London’s Financial Times is one of the other major OpenAI media outlets.

OpenAI has entered into similar agreements with several other media companies during the course of its existence.

Owing to the fact that the majority of those transactions occurred, OpenAI gained access to news data that it uses for training. The artificial intelligence startup will be allowed access to news articles because of its relationship with News Corp., which will enable it to answer inquiries from users.

In order to meet the requirements outlined in the agreement, we will execute these steps. Google said at the beginning of this month that it will be making changes to its search engines to respond to queries in a more straightforward way.

Google used to solely direct users to articles produced by a range of news outlets when it initially launched.

The New York Times took a different tack toward the close of the previous year and filed a lawsuit through the legal system against Microsoft and OpenAI.

The newspaper said that in order to train chatbots, the two corporations had effectively stolen its journalists’ labor. The newspaper was mentioned when making the statement. The corporations had carried out this action, according to the papers.

As per the remarks made by OpenAI’s Chief Executive Officer,

Sam Altman, the technology and journalism fields are extremely proud of the arrangement they signed with News Corp.

“Together, we are laying the groundwork for a future in which artificial intelligence deeply respects, enhances, and upholds the standards of world-class journalism,” he stated in a reporter’s interview.

As to the observations of Jason Cuomo, senior vice president at Moody’s Ratings, the transaction is regarded as very creditworthy.

Cuomo continued, “The company’s approach to efficiently monetize the value of News Corp.’s media brands is validated by its collaboration with the leader in the generative artificial intelligence space.”

This outcome was made possible by the company’s and the company’s cooperation. This link demonstrates the enormous opportunities to increase sales and profitability in the news media sector. It also substantiates the potential for higher sales.


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