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New WhatsApp Feature Adds Chat Transfers, But There’s a Catch



New WhatsApp Feature Adds Chat Transfers, But There's a Catch

(CTN News) – WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, has been releasing new features for its app like there is no tomorrow for the app like there is no tomorrow for it to exist.

One of Google’s most popular apps has received so many updates it is almost unprecedented for one of the company’s most popular apps to receive so many updates in such a short period of time (without counting the beta version).

In a recent announcement, WhatsApp announced that it would be bringing another new feature to Android and iOS users in the near future: the ability to transfer chats.
With the new feature announced on Twitter, WhatsApp users will be able to transfer their entire chat history without leaving the app, without having to leave the app in order to do so.

Sadly, there is one big catch to this new feature, as it can only transfer data across the same operating system, so if you are planning to switch from Android to iOS or vice versa, the new Chat Transfer feature won’t work for you.

In case you are an Android or iOS user that wants to switch to a new operating system, you can easily transfer your WhatsApp chats by using apps such as Move to iOS if you are changing operating systems.

In the new feature announced over the weekend, WhatsApp chats can now be transferred without having to leave the app, albeit only across the same operating systems, and it contains the same functionality as the previous one.

You will need to first set up a new account on your new phone if you wish to take advantage of this new feature.

You will then need to select the Chat Transfer option in order to create a QR code.

As soon as the QR code has been scanned, all that has to be done is wait for the old and new phones to connect and the data to be transferred to the new phone after scanning the QR code provided with the old phone.

In an announcement made by Google, the company has revealed that users will be able to move their WhatsApp chats without having to leave the app starting today, but it might take a few weeks for everyone to get it, so if you haven’t received it yet, please be patient.


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