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New Spotify Mac App Features ‘Your Library’ Sidebar; How It Works



New Spotify Mac App Features 'Your Library' Sidebar; How It Works

(CTN News) – Spotify recently released a major update for its iPhone application, and it is now updating its desktop application for Mac with a new interface.

According to Spotify’s blog post today, it announced a new “Your Library sidebar” that is more customizable and makes it easier for users to access their music libraries.

New sidebar and navigation in Spotify for Mac

Spotify states that “the new Your Library sidebar improves the collection and retrieval of all types of content, bringing features to desktop that are already familiar to users of the mobile app.”.

In addition to being more customizable than before, the sidebar can be customized according to the preferences of users.

Using the new sidebar, you can access all of the content in your Spotify library, including artists, playlists, albums, podcasts, and more. Your favorite content can be pinned, and the sidebar can be customized.

In addition, the new sidebar has “flexible sizing,” according to Spotify. To adjust the width of the sidebar, simply hover over and click on the right edge of the sidebar. Alternatively, you may expand the sidebar by clicking the arrow button at the top, and collapse it by clicking the ‘Your Library’ heading to see only the art covers.

Here is a list of what you can expect from Spotify’s new Your Library sidebar on Mac, Windows, and the web:

  • You can view all of your content types (not just playlists) in your entire collection

  • Various filters for your collection (Playlists, Artists, Albums, Podcasts) that can be combined with others (By you, By Spotify, Downloaded).

  • You can sort your collection based on recent additions, alphabetical order, creators, or custom order.

  • Across restarts of the desktop app, selected filters and sort options will be remembered

  • On the sidebar, you can search through your collection

  • You can pin library items to find your favorites more quickly – the current limit is 4 (Playlists, Playlist Folders, Artists, Albums, Podcasts).

  • In the sidebar, you can now see art covers

  • There is an option in Settings to increase content density by using a compact library layout (no art covers)

  • The + (plus) button is dedicated to adding playlists and folders to playlists

  • The library can be collapsed (with only art covers) to maximize browsing area, or expanded to focus on library management and curation. Customize the size by dragging (you can also click and drag).

  • List or grid views are available in the expanded library view. List view gives you more details in two columns, Date Added and Last Played, while grid view shows larger art covers.

  • For a more focused view, Playlist Folders can still be expanded into the sidebar in a tree view, and when you click on them, the sidebar now only shows the Playlist Folder and its contents.

  • The option to move a playlist to a folder (with search)

The main browsing interface now no longer includes the Your Library page, as it did before. Spotify points this out:

Starting today, Spotify’s new Mac, Windows, and web interface will be available. You can read more about Spotify’s announcement on its website.


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