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Metaverse – Technologies and the Future



Millions of people use the internet to accomplish various things every day. From playing icecasino games to shopping to working online, we all adore the internet. It was one of the greatest discoveries of the twentieth century. Unknown to some of you, Metaverse is among the most notable discoveries of the twenty-first century. We will talk about Metaverse technology and its future.

Metaverse – What is it?

Metaverse is a branch of the internet that describes a new way of interacting with each other. It consists of several technologies, the main one being virtual reality (VA). In VA, users can form a community and discuss issues together. Metaverse presents a new exciting way to take advantage of the internet. But how can people exploit the Metaverse? Those who love gaming have consoles, PCs, and mobile devices. Another access method is to wear Virtual Reality headsets.

Is Metaverse yet a reality?

We would say that the metaverse is a young concept. Companies, especially those in the gaming industry, want to discover frameworks that would best demonstrate the theoretical Metaverse. One such company is Fortnite, which began in 2017. As we speak, Fortnite has created more interactive virtual skins for customizing avatars.

Players can purchase these skins with Fornite’s V-bucks they earn when playing games or using real currencies. Fortnite has shown its passion and commitment to the Metaverse by arranging community events and concerts. Facebook is a social media website that most of you have joined.

Did you know that Facebook is playing a prime role in growing the Metaverse? In 2020, Facebook altered its brand name to Meta. Currently, the company has hired the most intelligent professionals to work on its Meta project. As well, Facebook is spending a lot of money to acquire VA companies.

How will they maintain the Metaverse?

As companies grab the chance to create suitable frameworks for the Metaverse, they also have to look into ways of maintaining its features. A possible option is Artificial Intelligence (AI). We already have a live application by Roblox. The company is using Machine Learning to control its game-play for kids in the virtual world.

Machine learning is a branch of AI. Players can interact without violating the community rules. Roblox’s AI is so far successful in-game moderation and identifying issues before they happen. In the future, the company plans on using AI to regulate the activity of non-player characters. Artificial Intelligence will play a significant role in the development of virtual worlds in the Metaverse. More specifically, engineers will use Promethean AI to create virtual worlds.

Is Metaverse the future of the World Wide Web?

There are critics who do not agree with the ideas of what the Metaverse can become. The Metaverse still looks like a science fiction concept to them. Regardless, we have described companies like Fortnite, Facebook, and Roblox that are devoted to the concept.

They believe that one day they will create an alternate world within the internet where people will feel like they are next to each other. Just by wearing VA headsets, people will immerse themselves into this virtual world and feel each other’s presence as if it were physical.


The Metaverse is in its early development stages. We expect more companies to gain interest in developing the concept. As of now, it is in theory form, although the companies we have mentioned here are committed to growing it. In the future, the Metaverse might become a reality and take most of you to another corner of the internet you have never seen.


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