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CRM in Real Estate – Do I need Individual Development?

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CRM in Real Estate - Do I need Individual Development

Now, when the competition in the real estate market takes place mainly online (contextual advertising, SEO promotion, 3D planning and virtual tours), developers are forced to pay maximum attention to the digitalization of their business and real estate software development. This is on the one hand.

On the other hand, the proven effectiveness of using CRM systems sets the task of introducing this tool into the work of the sales department as soon as possible.

Builders and developers are companies whose projects can take decades to complete, and investing in non-customized systems (in the hope that you will be able to adapt to someone else’s model for your own money) seems somewhat reckless.

Such a choice can be made as a temporary measure, but in our opinion, the most optimal solution for the developer in the long term is an individually developed integrated system, including web development, a CRM system and an analytics system.

Why do you need CRM in real estate?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management . That is, a CRM system for real estate is understood as software that involves automation in order to optimize the processes of accounting and controlling the sale of various real estate objects.

CRM for the developer allows you to reach a new level of work. Here are some of the benefits that a CPM system gives the developer:

  • closer and more attentive communication with customers
  • increase in the number of transactions
  • optimization of marketing strategies
  • more accurate planning and forecasting
  • effective control of work of employees

At the same time, the emphasis in the CRM system for real estate is on the personal relationship of realtors with clients.

No customer should be lost. None of his steps towards his dream of an apartment or house should be missed.

After all, communication with the buyer lasts from 1 to 6 months, and during this time both your conditions and his capabilities may change.

Why is individual CPM development preferred in real estate?

If you are going to work on the market not for a year or two, but for decades, then the CPM should reflect the specifics of your business.

So, today in the field of software there are typical CRM systems for real estate, but we insist that this segment requires the development of a system that will reflect the specifics of your activity as fully as possible.

In addition, when choosing a CPM, you need to consider factors such as:

  1. availability of improvements (typical CPMs release updates that do not solve your problems)
  2. data storage (where the data of typical cloud CRMs is stored is unknown, individual development is your data on your server)
  3. the number of operators, the features of objects, the detail of the differentiation of rights, the colors used in the interface, or the features that are unique to your project – all this is available with individual development and is limited available with a typical one.

Development of CPM for real estate

The proposed development is a basic set of modules that can be expanded and supplemented with the necessary nuances.

The cost of such development will ultimately cost you no more than buying a ready-made solution with more features.

Developers accompany their products throughout their entire life cycle – from technical specifications and prototypes to post-launch improvements, updating and adding new functionality with the development of technology.

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