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Changing Your Diet – 10 Years More Life?



Changing Your Diet

Countless people want to know how to extend their lifespan. Apart from grabbing your 25 free spins no deposit at online casino sites and trying to be happy always, how else can you achieve longevity? A new study says that you can live ten more years if you change your diet. The current generations love eating refined foods because they have a better taste. Sadly, they gain weight without improving their body health. According to the new research, people can achieve longevity by eating whole foods. Regular consumption of legumes and whole grains can give you a decade more to live. The only rule is to start this eating habit when still young. Read on below.

About the new research

The new study, which appeared in PLOS medicine, featured scientists from the University of Bergen, Norway. The top author was Professor Lars Thore Fadnes. The study offers the Food4HealthyLife online calculator. With this free calculator, people can estimate the benefits they draw from any food they eat.

As well, they can learn if that food can boost longevity. These scientists focused their study on one’s age and the various food groups they eat. Using the calculator, they can tell the life expectancy from each food group. The calculator may not be reliable because humans cannot live longer just by changing what they eat.

They must make other lifestyle changes to boost their odds of living longer. As earlier hinted, whether you can live ten years longer depends on what age you alter your diet. The scientists in this study found that someone who alters their western diet by twenty years can live longer. Women could raise their life expectancy by 10.7 years while guys can add up to 13 years.

Can people successfully change their diets?

It is not easy to stop an eating habit you have followed for a while. Nevertheless, if making changes to your diet can increase your life on earth, you can endure it. Also, your goal should not be reaching perfection but making progress.

This makes sense because someone who is used to eating refined foods will take longer to accept whole foods. You are more likely to live a decade longer if you alter your eating habits in your twenties. That does not mean that the study excluded the older persons from the benefit of living ten more years. They can alter their diet and lengthen their life expectancy even if to a lesser degree. The scientists who did the new study concluded that the sixty-year-olds can increase their lifespans by eight years if they are females and 8.8 years if they are males. Someone who starts eating a whole diet at the age of eighty might live about 3.4 more years.

How can we alter our diets?

Most people will like the idea of living longer by making small dietary changes. According to one of the new study authors, we should focus on eating natural foods. Over eighty per cent of the time, we should eat unprocessed foods. If you eat more animal protein, the author suggests moving to plant proteins gradually. As well as plant proteins, she recommends cooking with extra virgin olive oil and other unsaturated oils. Studies have revealed that people from the Mediterranean live longer without deadly health issues because their diets include extra virgin olive oil.


Additionally, the author of the new study suggests eating legumes, nuts, and whole grains. If you eat more red meat or refined meats, it is the best time to stop. Many similar studies have equated eating fruits and vegetables to longevity. So many people already incorporate these in their diets but eat fewer whole grains and legumes. That is why the new study suggests eating more legumes and whole grains to live longer.


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