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Meta Adds Default End-To-End Encryption For Facebook And Messenger.



Meta Adds Default End-To-End Encryption For Facebook And Messenger.

(CTN News) – Meta has made an important announcement regarding the security and privacy of its Facebook and Messenger apps. They have introduced default end-to-end encryption, which is a significant improvement.

This encryption ensures that user messages are protected and can only be accessed by the intended recipients.

While this is a positive step towards safeguarding privacy, there are concerns that government officials may oppose it due to fears that enhanced message security could aid criminal activities.

Meta has been planning to implement encrypted messaging as the default mode for its platforms for a long time. In 2016, WhatsApp, another messaging service owned by Meta, already adopted default encryption.

However, until now, Messenger only offered encrypted messaging on an opt-in basis. The transition to default encryption on Messenger required substantial changes to the platform,

As stated by Meta.

Under the new default settings, Facebook and Messenger will align with the privacy standards of WhatsApp, Signal, and Apple’s iMessage, making it impossible for even Meta itself to access user message content.

Despite the heightened security, encrypted messages could still be accessible to others if a participant in the conversation reports them.

The expansion of end-to-end encryption is expected to benefit various users, including political dissidents, human rights workers, journalists, and minorities, by providing them with increased protection against authoritarian governments.

However, law enforcement officials have historically expressed concerns that such measures could impede criminal investigations.

The ongoing debate surrounding encryption’s impact on privacy and law enforcement involves government officials cautioning that enhanced encryption could empower criminals, while critics argue that it safeguards individuals from potential abuse.


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