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Steve Jobs, Apple Co-Founder, Struck Gold At Auction With a $4 Check From 1976.



Steve Jobs, Apple Co-Founder, Struck Gold At Auction With a $4 Check From 1976.

(CTN News) – Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, continues to make a significant impact in the market for memorabilia.

Recently, a check written by Jobs to Radio Shack in 1976 was auctioned for an impressive amount of over $36,000 at the RR Auction in Boston.

This event is part of a growing trend where there is a surge in interest and high values associated with Jobs’ signatures and artifacts.

In the previous year, there were notable instances of this trend. A check signed by Jobs in 1976, amounting to $9.18 and related to Apple Computer, fetched an astonishing $55,000.

Additionally, another check from the same year, worth $13.86 and payable to Elmar Electronics, was sold for $37,564 in March.

The recent auction of the $4 check further contributes to this momentum, highlighting the enduring appeal of historical items connected to Jobs. It is worth noting that Jobs’ signatures have become highly sought-after collectibles.

For instance, his signature on a job application from 1973, which is considered his earliest known signature, was sold for an impressive $174,757 in 2018.

The auction market goes beyond just signatures and includes unique items such as the worn-out Birkenstock sandals that were once worn by Jobs.

These sandals were sold for a staggering $218,750, setting an Apple new record for the highest price ever paid for sandals at an auction.

The check-in question holds great significance as it represents Apple’s first official address, highlighting the historical value of this artifact. RR Auction reveals that the item was in the possession of a private collector since the 1990s.

Furthermore, the auction house recognizes Radio Shack as an “unsung hero” of the personal computing revolution, underscoring its Apple profound influence on technological innovations throughout the 20th century.


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