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As Microsoft And China Form Smooth AI Ties, US Lawmakers Stress



As Microsoft And China Form Smooth AI Ties, US Lawmakers Stress

(CTN News) – US lawmakers are issuing a warning to Microsoft, urging the tech giant to exercise caution in its growing ties with China as it continues to advance in AI technology. This comes as CEO Brad Smith recently expressed his support for further collaboration with a US rival.

During a meeting with China’s Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao earlier this month, Smith reportedly stated that Microsoft was ready to actively contribute to the digital transformation of China’s economy.

China, on the other hand, has expressed its hope that Microsoft will play a constructive role in promoting AI collaboration. This topic was a focal point during the conference, which centered around diplomatic matters and AI.

However, congressmen from the US and other critics have raised concerns about Smith’s visit. They believe that Microsoft’s extensive presence in China, employing over 10,000 individuals, could pose a threat to national security.

Sen Josh Hawley is urging Congress to terminate the alliance, as he raised concerns about Microsoft’s close ties with China during a prominent confrontation at a Senate hearing on AI in September.

Hawley expressed his disappointment with, stating, “Microsoft should be more aware. The Chinese Communist Party aims to achieve AI dominance to undermine and overpower US capabilities, annex Taiwan, and jeopardize global security.”

Furthermore, he emphasized that American companies must remain unaffected by extravagant favors and not be deceived into thinking otherwise. Congress must take necessary measures to avert such alliances.


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