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ICTBroadcast Offer IVR Studio to Design Custom IVR Yourself with Drag and Drop tools



ICTBroadcast Offer IVR Studio to Design Custom IVR Yourself with Drag and Drop tools

The abbreviation for “interactive voice response” is “IVR.” You will be able to construct complex telephony systems by using the simple drag-and-drop capabilities offered by IVR Designer and ivr software. Any programme may be selected from the area that contains the toolbar, dragged to the main drawing area, and then dropped there. When dropped there, that programme will automatically generate a copy of itself in that area.

Users may quickly develop voice response apps by utilising the web browser’s drag-and-drop interface to build the applications. An IVR can’t be made without the appropriate programmes, which are all found on a toolbar inside the IVR Designer.

IVR applications allow live callers to connect with auto dialer software or telephone keypads using speech recognition software. This is made possible by the use of voice recognition software. Callers may avoid speaking with a real person and be sent to the appropriate department much more quickly by employing an interactive voice response (IVR) system. Call centres absolutely need an IVR system in order to successfully manage the amount of calls they get.

The ICTBroadcast Autodialer software is included with an interactive web-based IVR Designer, which gives customers the ability to construct customised IVR menus according to their preferences. IVR Designer and IVR Studio both include straightforward controls, are simple to use, and are based on a drag-and-drop interface.

How Does an IVR Work?

The user of ICTBroadcast has the ability to choose any programme from the toolbar area, then dragged and dropped that application onto the main drawing area. This will construct the application in question in the place where it was dumped. Users are able to quickly construct voice response apps inside a web browser because to the interface’s drag-and-drop functionality. The programmes necessary to develop an ivr software are located on the toolbar of IVR Designer.

Each interactive voice response (IVR) application is unique, although they often follow a standardised flow. To begin, the person who is calling is welcomed by a pre-recorded voice once they have dialled in. The IVR may first inquire about the preferred language of the user before presenting a menu with several selections. “To get more details, please press 1. To reach the technical department, please press 2. To access the additional options, press 3. Please have the operator press 4.” The call is transferred to a suitable representative of the contact centre depending on the answer given by the person who called in.

Users of IVR Studio have access to a variety of capabilities, including the ability to send SMS messages and emails, as well as gather data via phone conversations. IVR Studio and IVR Designer are the primary tools that are used for the generation of dynamic phone calls.

You will be able to make calls to the customer or user depending on the way that you want it by dragging and dropping the application in the main drawing area. For example, if you want to listen to the first name and then the account number, you can drag and drop the application in accordance with your specifications.

IVR Studio and IVR Designer’s Many Uses and Applications

An IVR application includes features such as call answers, call hang ups, get inputs, conditions, play audio, call transfer, call records, option menus, answering machine detection, do not call, text to speech, say alpha, say digits, say numbers, say dates, say times, set caller ids, and integration API. In addition, an ivr software can integrate third-party APIs.

IVR Studio and IVR Designer Capabilities and Features

IVR Studio and IVR Designer are packed with a plethora of functionality, including the following:

  • Effectively gathers the information that is required.
  • Integrating interactive voice response systems
  • An interface based on a drag-and-drop system
  • IVR system based on one location
  • Service to customers via automated means
  • Economical and efficient use of time and resources

Effectively gathers the information that is required.

The IVR would welcome the caller with a voice tone and then proceed to ask a series of questions. The caller uses a dial pad to provide a response to the inquiry. In a real-time setting, natural tones are used so that the computer can communicate with the caller, which results in a considerable improvement of the overall customer service experience. After the caller is asked a series of questions to identify what it is they want to achieve, the call is then sent to the agent who is the best qualified to assist them.

Integration of Inbound and Outbound IVR Interactive voice response (IVR) systems provide enterprises the ability to automate additional processes.

IVR systems are becoming more integrated to technologies that are underpinned by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. AI may have logged an incoming caller’s interactions and arranged a callback with the caller, for example if the caller had to terminate an inbound call. This may have occurred if the caller had to end an inbound call. You have the option to incorporate technologies like as autodialers, which provide the outbound IVR system the ability to take control of the call in the event that it is dropped.


The ICT Broadcast Autodialer is equipped with an interactive, web-based IVR Designer that gives users the ability to create customised IVR menus depending on the preferences they have specified. The IVR Designer / IVR Studio is a user-friendly programme that has drag-and-drop capabilities and is straightforward and easy to grasp. ICTBroadcast is able to broadcast and play these interactive voice responses (IVRs) to its clients after a user has developed one.


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