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Ideas to Reality: Exploring the Software Development Life Cycle



Ideas to Reality: Exploring the Software Development Life Cycle

Got an idea for an app? The software development life cycle can help you there. It’s also one of the requirements if you want to work for a software company. BIT Studios’ dev team are masters of their craft in this field.

Read more about the software development life cycle (Software Development Life Cycle) below.

The Software Development Life Cycle

The software development life cycle (SDLC) relies on a standard process. The quality of the resulting software depends on how the dev team follows this process. Our dev teams employ different types of software testing. It ensures that the best software quality is achieved.

The model has different phases. These depend on how fast the team needs to release the software.

The SDLC 7-Phase Model

Like there are different software testing types, the SDLC has 7 phases. The good in this is that resources are used better. It also allows you to focus on meeting higher quality standards.

7 Phases of SDLC:

1. Planning

Planning is one of the processes of the SDLC. Here is where the team resolves the project timeframe and resource allocation.

  • Set the timeframe
  • Define resource allocation
  • Determine capacity

2. Requirement Analysis

The requirements stage covers the review of the processes of the project. Business and project requirements are also analyzed here.

  • Analyze processes
  • Business requirements review
  • Project requirements review

3. Design

The design phase takes a look at the project’s design. It covers functionality from a technical perspective.

  • Finalize design specifications
  • Create design documentation
  • Design look and functionality

4. Coding / Development Phase

The coding phase is where most of the project is written. The code is then implemented for use and further review.

  • Write code and implement
  • Follow programming language suggestion
  • Frameworks and libraries

5. Testing

The testing phase is where the dev team captures bugs or errors. It is also a chance for you to improve upon changes and fixes.

  • Document changes and fixes
  • Search for errors and bugs
  • Implement testing methods

6. Deployment

This phase is where the product release occurs. Teams can also automate the release process. Most dev teams still keep an eye on their project.

  • Product released to users
  • Launch automation and execution
  • Issue monitoring

7. Maintenance

This step is considered after-market services for the project. It is where errors and other problems are ironed out.

  • Performance monitoring
  • Gather feedback from the market
  • Fix bugs and errors
  • Add updates and improvements

Software Development Best Practices

Developers cannot stress the importance of having a suitable Software Development Life Cycle enough. It prevents the frustration of dealing with the same problems. It also ensures the quality of the software.

Here are some best practices of Software Development Life Cycle.

Source Control

It is also called version control. It ensures complete documentation of any new coding. It also guarantees the recovery of the latest version if the server crashes.

Continuous Integration

The codes are integrated in a single storage in continuous integration. It helps developers have an error-free software.

Software Development Life Cycle Management Systems

Having this management system enables dev teams to control each stage. They can also manage and monitor them in this step. It also makes the development process accessible to all and easier to navigate.

All Roads Lead to Software Development Life Cycle

Modern types of software testing all go through the Software Development Life Cycle. It is an effective model. The goal of employing this model is to optimize the production environment. It will result in a reliable and high-quality product.

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