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Hiring Third-Party Software Development Team: Pros and Cons

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Hiring Third-Party Software Development Team: Pros and Cons

Working with professionals from different countries is a concept that has been introduced previously in professional software development.

Moreover, this type of work has strengthened its position in the field due to the events of the last few years, when the whole world has realized that efficiency in work and high results can be achieved without sitting in one office, but by working from different locations.

It has also become clear that teams can work not only from different locations in the same city but also from different countries and even continents and simultaneously work effectively to achieve common goals. Consequently, outsourcing has grown in popularity.

The field of outsourcing services in software development is still ongoing. For example, you can hire a whole team for software development, hire a few people to strengthen your in-house team, or outsource the product development to a third party.

Whichever model suits you, outsourcing has its advantages and disadvantages. We’ll talk about it today and give tips on how to make the work smoother.

Advantages of Distributed Development Teams

Hiring outsourced software development teams can be very lucrative in various aspects, be it efficiency, cost, etc. Here is a list of the main advantages of working with outsourced teams.

Talents from all over the world

Outsourcing opens the door to the pool of talents from all over the globe. As a result, customers may expand their in-house team or trust their product to a professional software development company from abroad and reach better results and performance.

Cost Saving

As a consequence of the previous point, the services of outsourcing companies from other countries can be much lower in cost. For example, developers in Eastern Europe are known for their strong software development skills, but their hourly rate is much lower than the US developers’.

In addition, hiring outsourced developers saves the budget by eliminating the office and other employee expenses.

Getting Started Quickly

No need to spend time hunting and hiring new employees, as the outsourcing company has already done this. You only need to dedicate and control the development process.


As the development process moves, the team can be reduced or increased without difficulty. All you have to do is contact the contractor and request the team size change.

Avoiding Risks

High-quality work is primarily the stake of the outsourcing service provider company itself, as it affects their ranking.

In turn, a good rating is new orders and profits. Therefore, working with an outsourcing company reduces the risk of violating deadlines, low-quality work, non-performance of tasks, etc.

Common Challenges with Distributed Development Teams

But no matter how colorful cooperation with an outsourcing company may seem, some difficulties exist.


When working with an outsourced team or external collaborators, it can be difficult to establish seamless communication for different reasons like location and time zones.

Inefficient communication can be costly and lead to delayed development processes and reduced quality. Due to inability or difficulties in contact within the team, the risks of not achieving the desired results are higher.

Group Awareness.

This problem is caused by poor project management when the project manager needs to communicate all the information about the development process to his team. Due to the lack of awareness of what is happening on the project, the team members begin to feel isolated and lose motivation, which leads to a decrease in the work efficiency within the project.

Software Configuration

The key to the successful work of a freelance team is coherence and coordination.

Make sure the technical components are configured and ready to be applied to work. Otherwise, there is a risk of time loss and a negative impact on the team’s performance.

Interaction Tools

And finally, the promised tips on how to make your work with outsourced developers more productive and efficient.

The strength of working with an external team lies in effective communication, which lies under the project manager’s control.

However, the good news is that there is no need to reinvent the wheel, as there are many valuable tools for this purpose.

Interaction tools can be divided into two groups communication tools and collaboration tools.

Communication tools

Communication tools help you establish and maintain interaction through different types of communication: messaging, postponed messaging, and calls.

Messaging: to send instant texts, you can use the popular messengers WhatsApp, telegram, etc., and special messengers designed for corporate purposes, such as Slack.

Postponed messaging: This type of communication doesn’t aim for an instant reaction. The most popular means of postponed messaging are Gmail, Microsoft Teams, or corporate email.

Calls are also a means for immediate communication and can be of two types, audio, and video. For calls, the most commonly used are the well-known Google Meets, Zoom, Skype, etc.

Collaboration tools

Collaboration tools can also be divided into two groups:

First, project management tools track progress, task allocation, and customer process transparency. Trello, Jira, Asana, Notion, etc., are the most commonly used. These tools look like boards with cards where you can assign an executor, set a deadline, attach files and links, and set task progress status.

Second, software development tools help developers complete tasks and find ways to solve challenges. TeamCity, Jira, Jenkins, Github, and ProGet are the most frequently used software development tools.

Collaboration with a Trusted Development Team

Collaborating with third-party development teams has long brought a lot of value to different businesses and serves various purposes.

You can hire an entire team or a few team members to work for you, or you can outsource the development of a whole project to an outsourced development team. Regardless of which option you choose, the final result can meet expectations and exceed them.

Celadon is a software development studio that provides full-service software development, including a dedicated development team.

Our team is scattered in different parts of the world, but that does not prevent us from providing the highest quality services and work in such a way that the distance will not be felt due to seamless communication and strong project management.

What kind of collaboration is right for you? Contact us for an unbiased analysis of your requirements and goals, and we’ll advise you on which type of collaboration will be most effective.

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