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Google Play has Removed these 13 Dangerous Android Apps from the Play Store 



Google play has removed these 13 dangerous Android apps from the Play Store 

Google Play has removed these 13 dangerous Android apps

Google Play recently removed 13 apps from the Play Store that had over 20 million downloads.

The apps were removed after security researchers discovered malicious activity that could cause the Android devices on which they were running to drain batteries faster and consume more mobile data than usual.

The McAfee Mobile Research Team identified these 13 apps as having malicious code. Flashlight (Torch), QR readers, Camara, Unit converters, and Task managers were among the apps available.

When these apps were opened, they secretly downloaded additional code that caused them to commit fraud in the background. Google has removed all 13 of these apps from the Google Play Store.

However, deleting them from Google Play does not remove them from users’ smartphones. As a result, Android smartphone users who have these apps on their devices should delete them immediately.

​1. High-Speed Camera

The app enables users to capture multiple pictures at a very high speed. The app also allows users to click stable and clear images of sports and babies.

​2. SmartTask

The SmartTask app helps users to better manage their work. The app offers a customizable dashboard that helps users to manage tasks in a better way. Along with this, the app also allows users to keep a track of all their work.

3. Flashlight+

It is a flashlight app that comes with a clean and easy-to-use interface. The app is also safe and secure to use and doesn’t ask for any personal information.

4. ​Memo Calendar

It is a simple calendar note app. You can take simple notes and can divide them into categories using different colors. You can also set a password to protect your notes.

5. ​English-Korean Dictionary

It is a pocket dictionary app and is free to use online and offline.

​6. BusanBus

The app offers all the information about bus routes in Busan.

​7. Quick Notes

It is an easy-to-use note-taking app. You can easily make and access your notes using the app.

8. Smart Currency Converter

As its name suggests the app can be used to convert currency value.

​9. Joycode

The app comes with a QR code scanner, barcode reader, and more.

10. EzDica

It is a timestamp camera and a date stamp camera app.

11. ​Instagram Profile Downloader

The app allows users to download and save Instagram photos, videos, posts, and stories.

12. ​EZ Notes

It is a niche notes organizer. The app easily captures hands-free notes and also offers multiple features.

13. Image Vault – Hide Images

You can hide your photos using the Image Vault app. The app also password-protects your photos.


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