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Like TikTok, Spotify Users Can Remix Their Own Music Now

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Spotify is developing a remix feature to rival sped-up TikTok tunes. — Spotify/File

(CTN News) – There is good news for music lovers today as Spotify now offers the option of making your own songs via its remix feature, according to The Verge.

It has been reported that Spotify, the popular music streaming service, is testing a new feature that would allow users to use re-mixed songs from their favourite artists to make their own music and audio tracks, just like TikTok, which allows users to make their own videos.

Apparently, according to a report that appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the new feature is still in the early stages of development and policies regarding licensing need to be worked out.

As well as that, it has been reported that the tool may only be available to users who are subscribers to Spotify’s premium service “Music Pro”.

As well as Fox News, other news channels have also reported that new features, such as a playlist tuner, are being developed as well.

Using a different tool, users could set up “tempo range” and “vibe” for their mix in the same way they can filter out songs according to genre, mood, activity and many other factors.

A number of features will be provided to enable users to make the ultimate mix with different transition styles, which will greatly enhance their DJ skills.

Moreover, Spotify might also help users who have no experience in remixing “automatically” “tracks in a similar key, tempo, and style together” with Spotify’s music mixes.

The new feature will also allow you to choose how you want to order your mix, or you can select auto order instead, so that Spotify will do the work for you in order to sequence your mix.”.


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