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Google Chrome And Android Versions Of The Password-Killer Tool Are Available



Google Chrome And Android Versions Of The Password-Killer Tool Are Available

(CTN News) – Passkeys, a new security feature designed to replace traditional passwords, are coming to Google Chrome and Android.

Google says users can now create and use passkeys on Android devices, which will be securely synchronized via Google Password Manager(opens in new tab).

In contrast, developers can integrate passkey support on their sites via the WebAuthn API for Chrome, Android, and other platforms.

Passwords that don’t work

If you want to try the new features, sign up for the Google Play Services beta and use Chrome Canary. Both features should be available on stable channels “later this year,” so we shouldn’t have to wait long.

Passkeys were first announced by Apple in the summer of 2021, and were described as a, “new way to make the web safer.” Weak and recycled passwords are a big reason for data breaches.

In order to make a passkey, users simply need to use TouchID, or FaceID, to authenticate to a new web app, mobile app, or service to create it, he explained.

Apple VP for internet technologies, Darin Adler, presented Passkeys at WWDC 2022 as the next-gen credential that replaces passwords(opens in new tab) for good.

According to Google’s announcement, it’s a “significantly safer alternative to passwords and other perishable authentication factors”.

According to the company, passkeys can’t be reused, don’t leak in server breaches, and protect users from phishing. Besides being built on industry standards, they work across different operating systems and browser ecosystems.

Later this year, Google will release an API for native Android apps. Passkeys created through the web API “will work seamlessly” with apps affiliated with the same domain, the company said, suggesting this is just the start. Apps can choose between a passkey and a saved password using the native API.

Users and developers can gradually switch to passkeys by using a seamless, familiar UX,” Google said.


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