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Nursing Home Abuse Cases Need Mandatory Legal Assistance



Nursing Home Abuse

Everybody has the right to enjoy life and age with dignity, not nursing home abuse. Your parents or other close elderly relatives deserve love, care, attention, and respect. It is natural for them to face challenges with age as their health, mobility, and mental awareness will start deteriorating, which is why we rely on a nursing home to help us.

We often send our near and dear ones to reputed nursing homes for their welfare. They provide caregiving and medical assistance. Nursing homes are private institutions providing residential accommodation with quality healthcare for elderly citizens.

They are best for providing high-quality physical and clinical therapy and catering to the needs of your elderly relative.

According to Forbes, with age, we may encounter some physical and health issues that may adversely affect our ability to lead our lives independently. It could be unsafe to live alone at home.

We may choose nursing home care for the healthier and more protective living. However, thousands of nursing home abuse instances are reported annually in the U.S.A.

nursing home abuse

Why Does Nursing Home Abuse Take Place?

Caregivers are sometimes careless, reckless, and ignorant. They are ill-equipped to provide the promised service or care. Moreover, some callous caregivers know that the elderly and sick people may not be fit enough to express their grievances regarding cruel or substandard treatment. The prevalence of nursing home abuse or neglect cannot be undermined or denied.

The nursing homes are duty-bound to provide quality care and a host of services essential for ensuring the safety and health of the residents. It includes quality medical care, safety, hygiene, appropriate food, clothing, shelter, and regular supervision.

If a nursing home cannot provide any of the services discussed above, it is regarded as neglect, and if done intentionally, it is a case of abuse. You may check out personal injury lawyers Syracuse NY here for necessary legal assistance to tackle nursing home abuse or neglect cases.

nursing home abuse

When Can You Take Legal Steps against a Nursing Home?

You can seek legal recourse in case of neglect or abuse. You may file a neglect case when your elderly relative gets improper or inadequate nourishment or water. Moreover, nursing home caregivers often purposely ignore or avoid repeated requests for assistance.

If you’re seeking legal representation for elder care cases, consider contacting a reputable law firm with extensive experience in handling issues that work in elder care cases. They can provide the necessary expertise and support to protect the rights of your elderly relative and hold accountable those responsible for neglect or abuse in nursing homes.

It can culminate in pressure, bed sores, recurring issues due to urinary tract infections, decubitus ulcers, sepsis, or some avoidable circumstances, conditions, and injuries. Some other undesirable injuries or conditions include:

  • Falls
  • Dehydration
  • Death due to bed rail injury
  • Malnutrition
  • Burns because of bathing
  • Infection as a result of staff neglect
  • Medication or some other clinical blunders

You can seek legal recourse in case of neglect or abuse,and file a nursing home neglect case when your elderly relative encounters any of the above.

A case of physical abuse may be filed against the nursing home in case of unreasonable confinement or physical restraint, battery or assault, and prolonged water or food deprivation.

Some tell-tale signs of abuse in nursing homes could be bed sores, unexplained bruises or injuries; behavioural changes, depression, a bad relationship or lack of rapport with the caregiver; anger, weight loss, hygiene issues, recurring illnesses, and unexplained changes in financial situation.

Conclusion: Seek Legal Assistance

It is imperative to seek legal recourse rather than ignoring nursing home abuse or neglect cases. You may seek compensation that you rightly deserve for the injuries, suffering, and pain. You may get compensation for all associated treatment or medical expenses incurred by abuse.

Experienced personal injury lawyers specializing in nursing home abuse cases are willing to help you fight against ill-equipped and abusive nursing homes. Rest assured, to get justice!

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