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In Fortnite, How Do You Destroy Jack-o’-Lanterns?

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In Fortnite, How Do You Destroy Jack-o'-Lanterns?

(CTN News) – With Halloween just around the corner, we can expect to see some fresh content in our favorite games soon. In Fortnite, players can not only participate in spooky activities during the event.

You are tasked with destroying Jack-o’-Lanterns with a ranged weapon in Fortnite’s new quests.

In Fortnite, How Do You Destroy Jack-o’-Lanterns With Ranged Weapons?

Since the event began, Epic Games has added a lot of brand-new content to. New quests and cosmetic items have been added. You must complete or acquire most of these quests and items before Halloween is over.

As part of Fortnitemare, Epic Games added a new quest in Fortnite where players have to destroy five jack-o’-lanterns with a Ranged Weapon. You can complete this quest easily.

There are two things you need to complete this quest. Finding a ranged weapon is the first task. It shouldn’t take long to find ranged weapons on the ground and chests. No matter what type of weapon it.

The next step of the quest is to destroy five jack-o’-lanterns. There is nothing difficult about this part, but it does take a bit of time. whole map is decorated with Halloween-themed items, so finding these scary pumpkins shouldn’t be difficult.

A single match does not require you to burn five jack-o’-lanterns. In addition, the pumpkins you destroy will be restored after each match, so destroying them also counts. If you play many matches, this quest would be much easier.

You will receive a unique spray for completing this quest. Once the Fortnitemare event ends, this reward and quest will no longer be available.


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