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Changes To Matchmaking In Destiny 2 Crucible To Benefit High-Skill Players



Changes To Matchmaking In Destiny 2 Crucible To Benefit High-Skill Players

(CTN News) – Among Bungie’s most recent updates are changes to matchmaking for Destiny 2 Crucible aimed at improving connections and speed for the FPS game’s top-skilled players, according to a tweet from Bungie Help.

We’re making some targeted adjustments to Control’s matchmaking. We want to improve matchmaking speed and connections for players in higher skill bands,” the tweet says.

Additionally, it lets players know that if they have issues with this change, they can contact Bungie’s help forum.

Bungie doesn’t say what changes it made, but it addresses a problem that can be a constant challenge in competitive shooters.

In games, matchmaking is often based on player skill. Although some people find matchmaking unfair outside of ranked games, it keeps the game enjoyable for casual and less-skilled players, who make up most of a game’s playerbase.

These fixes often mean that players at the top tier have to wait a long time for matches. This is because the game struggles to match them with opponents who can also compete at high skill levels.

It can also cause lag or registration issues when these players matchmake with someone from another region.

Iterations to the matchmaking process are welcome since they can help balance the tradeoff between long wait times and weak competition.

Control, despite being PvP, isn’t necessarily a highly competitive game mode, so it attracts players of all levels, even casual players.

At the beginning of Season 18, Bungie overhauled its skill-based matchmaking system. We’ll keep iterating throughout Season 19 until we feel matchmaking is appropriate for both seasoned players and New Lights.

There are also a few other fixes in Hotfix Among the fixes are Mindbender’s Ambition (Adept) not dropping with two perks in the left trait column,

Reducing the number of Headless Ones you need to defeat to earn a specific triumph in Haunted Lost Sectors, and making a few minor changes to Festival of the Lost.

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