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Nikon Z9 Firmware 3.0 Adds 4K High-Res Zoom Video, Better Autofocus, And More



Nikon Z9 Firmware 3.0 Adds 4K High-Res Zoom Video, Better Autofocus, And More

(CTN News) – Nikon has announced firmware version 3.0 for its flagship mirrorless camera, the Nikon Z9.

There are many key updates, features and improvements included in the new Z9 firmware update, and it is available now for free download.

Video users will benefit from high-resolution zoom and timecode synchronization with UltraSync Blue. When recording 4K UHD video, high-resolution zoom is available, allowing the user to increase the focal length of the lens by performing high-resolution zooming.

As 4K UHD footage is captured in 8K UHD resolution, it is gradually cropped to 4K frame size in real time. This effectively doubles the focal length while maintaining high resolution. Digital zoom and cropping in post do not maintain the same resolution as full-resolution zoom.

Assigning the feature to the Z9’s Fn1 or Fn2 buttons, a lens’s ring or control ring, as well as the left/right buttons on the multi selector is possible.

With buttons, zooming is controlled at a fixed speed, whereas with a lens’ control ring, zooming can be controlled at a variable speed.

For those who are more interested in still photography, there is a new high-speed Capture C60 mode. The new mode joins the existing C30 and C120 modes.

The camera can capture approximately 19-megapixel still images in DX crop mode at 60 frames per second, which should be useful for photojournalism, sports and wildlife photography.

Additionally, the autofocus performance has been improved. AF on the Nikon Z9 is already excellent, but the latest firmware extends its low-light limits by 0.5 EV and provides better accuracy in low-light and low-contrast environments.

Moreover, Nikon 3D-tracking promises improved “stickiness” and faster tracking of animals.

Nikon Video flicker reduction, a vertical playback display, additional buttons for custom functions, auto series playback, flash workflow improvements, display enhancements, overriding other cameras when using multiple cameras, support for FTPS protocol,

The ability to reset focus distance during focus shift shooting, as well as full format support for CF express type B cards are some of the other improvements.


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