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Do you want to know what the best VPN choices for 2022 are in the industry? That would be an invaluable investment on your part, as VPNs are contributing to vastly improved online security and data privacy than any other cybersecurity tool on the market today. You don’t know what a VPN even is? Have no fear, because all will be described below including what a VPN is and a roundup of the best VPNs confirmed by security experts this year. This way you can choose from a verified selection of products to install on your devices.

Using a VPN has become an industry requisite for some organizations, which confirms just how excellent this mainstream software has become. No matter if you are an individual wanting to securely buy something online while on the move, someone that wants to unclog geographical streaming restrictions, or someone that lives in a country where the internet is heavily censored, a VPN will change your life. Not only that but using a VPN supports the human right to privacy and data security by default. You will also be protecting yourself from digital crime to boot.

Let’s go over a few statistics to put things into perspective before we get into the meat of the topic. You might think that cybersecurity tools such as VPNs are not that popular, so you’d be surprised to know that over 1 billion people are officially using VPNs at this very moment. That makes up over 20% of all people using the internet on Earth. Most of this usage comes from highly-populated and sometimes repressed regimes such as India, China, and Indonesia.

Furthermore, most of this usage comes down to the usage of free VPNs, illustrating the need for low-cost and quick solutions to an increasingly dangerous and complex internet space. Premium VPNs a.k.a proper VPNs are also seeing increased subscriptions from people wanting to benefit from professional security and anonymity online. Frankly, premium VPNs are the only type of VPN people should be using as the benefits vastly outweigh the few dollars you will have to shell out every month. This is, after all, your internet connection. Your entire life’s work and sensitive details about you may be traveling across that same internet connection. Not protecting it would be absurd on your part.

What is a VPN?

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is an all-in-one tunneling software that can be installed on devices in the form of an app, in the form of a browser extension, or as part of a cybersecurity suite.

However, standalone VPN apps are the preferred way to go. Standalone VPNs specialize in the one thing that matters and is known to be more secure and streamlined than other mediums of VPN software. Continuing, what a good VPN is built to do is to encrypt your entire connection via cryptographic algorithms. This is like putting your internet connection in an armored safe.

Secondly, connecting to any of the global servers offered by the VPN vendor via the app essentially modifies your IP address, giving you the IP address of the area you are connected to. So, not only are you better secured but also anonymous and your real location is obfuscated from the rest of the internet, even your internet service provider and government.

A change of location to a server in India means that the internet will think you are in India, and vice versa with other locations. This is exactly how people unblock geo-blocks on streaming services, bypass censorship in their countries and even benefit in other ways such as saving money online by tweaking servers to lower prices, as well as conducting marketing research like a local that would otherwise be impossible without running a VPN.

Now, all VPNs are not equal, definitely not. There are stark differences between low, mid, and high-level military-grade VPNs. By military-grade, this means the AES 256-bit proprietary encryption technology is used in the best VPN services out there.

What Are The Top VPN Choices in 2022?

So, it’s time to give a rundown of the top VPN choices selected by internet security and privacy experts for this year. Now, keep in mind that this list is going to be slightly exclusive, which doesn’t mean that all other VPN options are not up to par. It only means that these VPNs have proven their worth over time, and have earned a lot of respect from customers and businesses alike all over the world.

The top list of the top VPN choice for 2022 are as follows;

  1. NordVPN
  2. Surfshark
  3. ExpressVPN
  4. CyberGhost
  5. Private Internet Access (PIA)

What do all of these VPN services have in common? All of them have more than satisfactory encryption, and fast connection speeds and they respect their customers by sticking to their Privacy Policies and Terms of Service. All of them can fully unblock, uncensored,d and completely encrypt your connection to professional standards and remain stable and smooth while doing so.

What separates the top VPN NordVPN from the rest? NordVPN has become well-known for its pedantic approach to security. For instance, it has double encryption technology, a streamlined and intuitive application interface, as well as a fantastic selection of verified global servers to choose from. Other than that, NordVPN is very competitively priced, although certainly not the cheapest on this list.

Apart from outright security, NordVPN is loved by Netflix streamers because the service is very good at unblocking Netflix US servers. This VPN has gone through multiple independent security audits to verify its excellence and is based in Panama, a place where surveillance and data espionage is not known to happen.

No matter which VPN you choose from the list above, you won’t be disappointed. The differences are some of the unique features that service providers offer to compete with each other, and while some of these features may peak your fancy, choosing any VPN from the list above will get the job done for you as well as offer you that all-important peace of mind.


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