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The Fairphone 4 Finally Gets Android 12



The Fairphone 4 Finally Gets Android 12

(CTN News) – Known for its highly repairable phones made of ethically-sourced materials, the Fairphone 4 is the company’s newest attempt to fulfill its promise.

With modular phones, Fairphone is significantly reducing CO2 emissions while providing long-term software support to its customers.

Its latest Android OS update shows this, as it now receives a revised version of Fairphone 4. Android 12 has finally made its way to the nearly two-year-old handset despite its late arrival.

During a post on the official Fairphone forum, a representative announced that Android 12 would be released in staggered releases for Fairphone 4.

The rollout began on February 1st, after several weeks of delay, since the update had originally been scheduled for December. Initial release was postponed due to critical issues with emergency calls in certain countries.

However, Android 12 will not be available in some countries, including France and Switzerland, due to quality control requirements.

In those markets, Fairphone reports that the update does not meet its quality standards, so local network carriers may have to wait a bit longer.

The Fairphone 4 should now be running some Android 12 features, including conversation widgets and the privacy dashboard, if you have received the update.

There should also be a status bar indicator that indicates when an app is using your microphone or camera.

The new update also makes it easier to restrict an app’s access to only the approximate location data that you provide it with during the installation process.

As a result, those who are temporarily stuck with Android 11 will receive a maintenance update with a new security patch in the meantime. Android 12 is still not ready for distribution.

Although picking up an Android update two years after its release isn’t normally a cause for celebration, it’s practically unheard of for an Android OEM to commit to long-term software support for its smartphones after the device has been released.

Fairphone has promised a five-year hardware warranty and six years of software updates for its Fairphone 4 smartphone, which debuted with Android 11 pre-installed.

It is because of this commitment that the Fairphone 4 will be eligible for Android 13 in the future, as well as Android 14 and 15. There is, however, a possibility that you may need to upgrade your SoC to be able to do this.

Qualcomm boasts that its entire line of chipsets will only receive Android OS updates for a maximum of three years.



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