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The Spotify Festival Lineup Poster Generator: How To Create It



The Spotify Festival Lineup Poster Generator: How To Create It

(CTN News) – If you want a taste of Spotify Wrapped before festival season, what can you do? It’s here that Spotify festival poster generators like Instafest come in.

Getting away from the daily grind and seeing dozens of bands and artists at once is a great thing about real-life music festivals. You don’t get to pick all the artists.

Spotify has tens of millions of tracks, but it also knows a lot about your listening habits. However, you can use Spotify listening history to create a lineup that’s just right for you. Fun to share with friends and family, and an interesting look at your music listening habits.

To do this, you’ll need Instafest, a free app you can use on your phone or laptop. Let’s make your own festival lineup poster together.

How does Instafest work?

Instafest is a free web app that connects to one of your digital music accounts, analyzes your music, and then creates your dream lineup on a festival poster – your dream lineup being the artists you’ve been listening to the most recently (or since the beginning of time).

You’ll see the lineup split up into several days, with the artists you’ve been listening to most prominent, and the rest in a smaller font.

Besides giving it a name, you can choose a graphic and colors for your festival. If you want to share your poster creation, you can either download it or share it through another app.

It’s an impressive app made by Anshay Saboo, a computer science student at USC. Instafest will also get new features, says Saboo.

Spotify festival lineup: how to make it

Click or tap Sign in with Spotify on Instafest from your computer or mobile device. Instafest will then connect to your Spotify account and look at your listening data after you enter your login info.

Your festival poster can reflect the artists you’ve been listening to in the last 4 weeks, the last 6 months, or all time. There’s no way to change the festival date – it’s always three days, starting today.

There are three poster styles to pick from: Malibu Sunrise, LA Twilight, and Mojave Dusk. Last but not least, you can name your festival and show your basic score, which tells Instafest how niche your music tastes are.

Once you click Save and Share, you get a graphic that you can save or share (on mobile). Log out of the Instafest app once you’ve downloaded or shared your poster.

Is Instafest compatible with Apple Music?

Initially, Instafest only worked with Spotify. It now supports Apple Music in beta form (so you might run into a few bugs). You can connect your Apple Music account on the opening splash screen.

You have to add your Apple Music Replay playlist to your Apple Music library so Instafest can see it. The playlist is here, along with instructions on how to do it.

Then you can customize the poster: like Spotify, you can choose the aesthetic style and name it. However, there’s no timescale option – Instafest is just working off one playlist and doesn’t have access to all your listening history.

On the Instafest opening screen, you can sign in with It tracks what you listen to across multiple music services, like Spotify and Apple Music. The best option might be if you jump between apps for your music.


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