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ChatGPT-4: 12 Creative Ways Developers Can Use It



ChatGPT-4: 12 Creative Ways Developers Can Use It

(CTN News) – Its ability to see, i.e., use both text and images as input prompts, has made ChatGPT-4 a hit in the tech world. New and innovative applications have been popping up periodically thanks to this model. Developers can unlock GPT-4’s full potential by harnessing some of its power.

Designing in 3D

ChatGPT can be integrated into Unity Editor, a popular 3D modeling and game design program. ChatGPT will revolutionize how game designers work, boosting productivity and accelerating modeling.

Create mini-games

Using ChatGPT-4, developers can create mini-games such as Snake and Pong. Developers can customize these simple game frameworks quickly and easily to customize their own games with great speed and simplicity even though these games aren’t very complex.

Debugging software

Developers can use ChatGPT as a code debugger and mentor with great ease. A few clicks are all it takes to input your code, and ChatGPT will work quickly to identify and resolve the issue. For those just getting started as developers, it can provide helpful insights and advice.

Security vulnerabilities

ChatGPT offers a great way to identify vulnerabilities and do quality assurance when coding or building applications. A Twitter user dumped a live Ethereum contract into GPT-4, exposing several security vulnerabilities and surface areas that could be exploited.

Extension creation

GPT-4 can be customized and harnessed by users. Automating or even speeding up tedious tasks is possible with extensions. Using pirate speak, one user summarizes on-page text.

Putting sketches on the web

With GPT-4, users can create prompts based on visual input as well as text. During its demonstration, GPT-4 was able to transform a hand-drawn sketch into a functional website.

Using Microsoft Excel like a pro

Using Copilot for MS Excel, you can analyze data and gain valuable insights. A fraction of the time is required for users to generate detailed reports and visualizations about their data. Users with experience in Excel will benefit from this as well as inexperienced users who will find it easier to access and analyze data with this feature.

Taking a language course

Language tutoring has been taken to a whole new level with Duolingo’s integration of GPT technology. Based on the user’s input, the app can now provide personalized explanations and even offer role-playing scenarios. Simulating a date conversation or speaking with your parents can be practiced by users.

Support for customers

Using GPT-4, Intercom has developed its own customer service bot, Fin. Currently, developers can incorporate Intercom into their products or build chatbots for their own websites.

Data related to transactions

Although many apps can parse transactional data, ChatGPT-4 may provide a more cost-effective alternative to other apps in more complex scenarios. ChatGPT returns merchant information in JSON format after parsing credit card transactions.

Designing UI

GPT-4 is capable of understanding visual representations of user interfaces, including mockups and wireframes, and generating code for creating a functioning web or app interface. The development process can be streamlined and collaboration between designers and developers can be enhanced as a result.

Analyzing data

Due to its ability to process both text and images, GPT-4 can understand tables and graphs and help in analyzing data quickly.


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