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Athena EHR VS Valant EHR: A Comprehensive Analysis!

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Athena EHR VS Valant EHR: A Comprehensive Analysis!

Athena EHR is a cloud-based financial and health service. Valant EHR Behavioral Health EHR helps you deliver excellent service and run a successful practice.

Behavioral healthcare practitioners, agencies, and doctors can support their administrative operations with the help of Valant EHR, a comprehensive electronic health record software suite that is hosted in the cloud.

The program provides a variety of capabilities, such as the ability to schedule appointments for individuals or groups, treatment planning, prescription administration, patient interaction, billing, and reporting.

Athena is a cloud-based building inspection software that offers an integrated platform for the creation of personalized inspections, the tracking and management of flaws, the interaction with homeowners, the booking of service days and inspections, and other features.

In order to learn more about the software, keep reading further as features, pricing and reviews shall be brought into the limelight.

Athena EHR and Its details:

The Athena EHR electronic medical record (EMR) software is a leading vendor of on-premise and cloud-based health IT solutions across the country for use by physician groups and health organizations.

The platform is committed to developing an ecosystem that is not only high-quality but also easily accessible and environmentally friendly in its medical facilities.

They do this with the use of their electronic medical record system, patient engagement programs, care coordination programs, and revenue cycle software packages.

Athena EHR Key Features:

Accessible Remotely:

Accessibility to Athena EHR from anywhere and at any time is another characteristic frequently cited by users in Athena EHR reviews.

Because the solution is cloud-based and accessible on any device, clients like that they can save money on costly gear.

In addition, the system does not require installation on a new device, and it can be accessed with a user ID and password.

Because the system is accessible anywhere, it is excellent for providing remote care to the elderly, rural residents, and anyone affected by Covid-19 lockdowns.


Contract out the task of researching requirements and contacting payers in order to obtain medical authorizations.

View the current authorization status straight from clinical processes within the app.

Appointment Scheduling:

Athena’s electronic medical record software includes a crucial component called the appointment scheduling function.

Utilizing this application, you will be able to arrange appointments for the maximum number of patients in a single day.

This will lead to your schedule being optimized in the most effective way possible.

Athena EHR Pricing:

Athenahealth has not disclosed its pricing options and this means that the software offers a customizable pricing pattern.

The users who are interested can contact the vendor for further information.

Athena EHR Demo:

A demo is very beneficial when it comes to answering queries and to be sure before investing in software.

Users who are confused can schedule a free demo on the website and learn more.

Athena EHR Reviews:

Athena provides strong functions that streamline a variety of care professionals’ regular responsibilities.

Numerous customers thought that the system provided all of the desired functionalities, had an intuitive UI, and did not experience any system downtime.

Users also thought that customer assistance adequately addressed the majority of their complaints.

Nevertheless, several users deemed the claims functionality insufficient and acknowledged that the system lacked the adjustments they sought.

Valant EHR and its Characteristics:

The Valant EHR is a Behavioral health-specific Electronic Health Records system.

It offers an effective solution that organizes the work and guides practitioners in the appropriate direction to improve their business.

It includes a number of characteristics that are mostly focused on behavioral health.

Its key features include treatment planning, billing management, practice management, reporting, medication, and a patient-specific portal.

Valent EHR is primarily geared to assist behavioral practitioners; thus, users do not need to review a variety of templates created for different specialties.

Valant EHR Key Features:


The fact that the Valant EHR offers third-party integration and interoperability makes it possible for practitioners to access data relating to clinical notes, billing, and business reports from a variety of different tools.

When utilizing Valant’s Practice Management package, manual entry is eliminated because charges are generated immediately from the calendar.

Reporting Module:

Users are able to evaluate everything, including revenue cycles, billing details, and clinical reports, with the assistance of the reporting tool, and patients may also obtain everything online by logging into their patient portals.

Patient Portal:

Patients benefit tremendously from the patient portal since it frees them from the obligation of making frequent trips to their physicians or the clinics where they are treated.

They need only log onto their patient portal to conduct several tasks from the comfort of their own homes, such as completing evaluations, obtaining test results, or corresponding with their medical professionals.

Because its products are based on a comprehensive and scalable data model, Valant EHR makes the processes of reporting, displaying, and extracting data exceedingly simple. On top of that, all of these operations can take place in real time.

Valant EHR Pricing:

The electronic health record (EHR) software offered by Valant is billed on a per-provider, per-month basis.

Prices begin at $149 USD per provider on a monthly basis. In addition, there is a one-time setup cost of $500 that must be paid.

The cost of Valant’s electronic health record software is presented in a straightforward and comprehensive manner. There are no hidden costs, nor are there any contracts for an extended period of time.

Valant EHR Demo:

A demo is relatively important if one wishes to learn about the software and its features.

It is free of cost and can be scheduled whenever a user wishes to do so.

Valant EHR Reviews:

The software is quite adaptable, and it is simple to modify it to meet the requirements of the user.

Valent EHR provides IT Support in order to comply with insurance requirements. The user interface enables navigation that is both simple and seamless between screens.

The electronic health record (EHR) software from Valant is not compatible with all web browsers.

During the process of data transfer, the demographic information will not be seen. The response of the customer service department must be improved.


The above-mentioned features are very important to note as they allow one to choose which EMR is more suitable for a certain practice.

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