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Once Again, Apple Has Lost The Head Of Its Industrial Design Department

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Once Again, Apple Has Lost The Head Of Its Industrial Design Department

(CTN News) – Evans Hankey, Apple’s vice president of industrial design, is leaving the company only three years after taking over post.

Apple hasn’t explained why Hankey is leaving such a coveted position, perhaps the hottest, most visible design job on earth.

It doesn’t bode well for the company’s design vision, which was already in doubt after departed.

With Jobs’ Lucille Ball as his Desi Arnaz, I rebuilt Apple in 1997, making design its foundational spirit. This was even at the expense of engineering some of its most desired products.

It permeated every decision Apple made, from its hardware to its stores to the last word, comma, and period in its advertising copy.

A Jobs loyalist with a knack for supply chain optimization, Cook took over Dieter Rams’ dream. Cook has vehemently disputed that narrative, calling it “completely absurd.”

I left in 2019, leaving a bunch of problems behind to form his own design practice, Love From. The noncompetitive consultancy contract he signed at the time was intended to calm the stock However, even that lasted only a few years before and Apple officially parted ways.

Design was objectively downgraded in Apple’s organizational chart after I left. The fact that I reported directly to Jobs tells a lot about my power.

I enjoyed a direct relationship with Hankey’s BFF, but now he answers to the COO, Jeff Williams. As Bloomberg reports, Hankey did not even get I full title, with Alan Dye taking over I responsibilities for software design.

There is no chance Hankey will discuss why she left the Zeus throne. Apple hasn’t said much beyond “the senior design team has strong leaders with decades of experience.

During the transition, Evans will stay on, and we would like to thank her for her leadership and contributions. I suspect there are already a lot of candidates clamoring to be the next design god.

Cook may never direct this, but I have my doubts. Hankey didn’t get the chance to be the next Ive because Apple didn’t want a next.


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