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Twitter iOS Application Should Be Named ‘X’ Due To… Regulations



Twitter iOS Application Should Be Named 'X' Due To... Regulations

(CTN News) – Even though Mr. Musk may have done an excellent job of pushing Twitter’s iOS new logo and name, ‘X’, and even redirected the vanity domain to the social media website, that doesn’t mean the Mathematical double-struck letter will work for all occasions.

In the end, it turns out that Apple’s App Store will not accept Twitter’s new iOS app name due to minimum character requirements in their store.

On iOS, Twitter is still available as Twitter

As of this week, both Google Play and Apple’s App Store have updated their versions of the Twitter app for Android and iOS respectively, bringing the app to the latest version.

It is worth noting that the new version of the app carries the ‘X’ logo, and in some cases, Twitter’s new name as well.

For example, BleepingComputer observed that the Google Play store page for the Android app now bears the name ‘X’ rather than Twitter, as was the case in the previous version:

It is interesting to note that Twitter still appears in the list of installed apps on an Android device as “Twitter” and that the ID of the application package (APK) remains the same internally as

A stark contrast to this is Twitter’s iOS app, which unfortunately couldn’t be renamed to ‘X’ on the App Store due to the minimum number of characters required for an iOS app name – and it’s got to do with the number of characters that an iOS app name must have.

Despite the fact that Twitter was able to change the logo of their iOS app, it was not able to change the name, since Apple requires apps to have at least two characters in their names, says SF-based Erik Berlin.

In spite of the fact that iOS app names can, in theory, be as long as 30 characters, Apple will reject app names that are less than two characters long, for a variety of reasons:

It was a software developer, Yusuf Alp, who responded to Berlin’s post with a suggestion for a potential workaround, by asking, “What about X and a space, either before or after?”.

Berlin chuckled, “He already has a company called SpaceX,” and went on with his story.

Due to Twitter’s rushed and inconsistent rebranding, it appears as if they may also be experiencing issues in other areas of their business, such as legal and technical, as a result of the rebranding.

Microsoft Edge users this week received security alerts when the app’s icon was changed to an ‘X’, as Bleeping Computer first reported.

Furthermore, there are some regions, such as Indonesia, where some Internet content filters have started blocking the ‘’ website, as a result of the fact that they suspect that it contains adult content.


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