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AI Ambitions Of Nvidia In Medicine And Health Care Are Growing,

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AI Ambitions Of Nvidia In Medicine And Health Care Are Growing,

(CTN News) – In addition, NVIDIA announced deals with Johnson & Johnson and GE Healthcare for generative AI in surgery.

As NVIDIA announced dozens of new AI-powered, healthcare-focused tools at its 2024 GTC AI conference, it reiterated the importance of medicine for its non-tech sector revenue opportunities.

The reason why NVIDIA is so popular today is because it basically provided the plumbing and the technology for something you could not simply do before, or if you had to do something like this, it would take several times more time, money, and costs, according to Moody’s Ratings senior vice president and technology analyst Raj Joshi. Biotechnology, chemicals, and drug discovery are all powerful areas in healthcare.”

Shares of Nvidia are up close to 100% year-to-date, and investors are continuing to bet on the biotech industry. It is possible to speed up the discovery of new drugs and even find uses for drugs that failed to provide results for the disease they were developed to treat.

Due to the tangible results and compelling use cases of how AI has helped the pharmaceutical, medtech and biotech industries over the last 18 months or so, we tend to believe it is more hope than hype,” said Arda Ural, EY America’s leader in the health and life sciences industry.

From concept to clinical studies, drug development takes at least a decade, Ural said. Additionally, it can cost billions, and there’s a high chance of failure.

In late 2023, EY surveyed biotech CEOs about plans to use generative AI in “concrete” ways. “In my experience of 30 years in this industry, this is very high,” Ural said. In comparison to other technologies, AI is rapidly gaining traction in this area.”

At its conference, Nvidia doubled down on an ambition it has long held.

NVIDIA mentioned several ways its technology was being adapted for medical purposes in a call with investors in February. Hyperscale or GPU-specialized cloud providers like have been helping companies like Recursion Pharmaceuticals and Generate Biomedicines expand their biomedical research.

NVIDIA chief financial officer Colette Kress said that digital biology and generative AI are helping to revolutionize drug discovery, surgery, medical imaging, and wearable devices in healthcare.

In the past decade, NVIDIA has developed deep domain expertise in healthcare, creating the Clara platform and NVIDIA BioNeMo, which develops, customizes and deploys AI foundation models for computer-aided drug discovery.”

Recursion was the recipient of a $50 million investment from last year for its drug discovery projects. Recursion uses NVIDIA’s cloud platform to train AI models based on its biological and chemical data.

In addition to working with Roche’s Genentech, the company has also developed new medications and improved treatment protocols together. As of 2021, Schrödinger was also partnering with it to develop drugs.


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