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5 ChatGPT Based Extensions that You Can Add to Google Chrome for Enhanced Productivity



5 ChatGPT Based Extensions that You Can Add to Google Chrome for Enhanced Productivity

(CTN News) – The introduction of OpenAI’s ChatGPT has rocked the technological world. One of the most disruptive forces too big tech, industries, and the future of work in the next ten years is expected to be the AI-based chatbot, which is a component of complex systems that produce content from text to images.

The AI-based chatbot can help you with various activities during your day, like generating emails and tweets for you. It is also capable of handling your trickiest questions.

Here are five ChatGPT-based Chrome extensions you may add for increased productivity:


Using artificial intelligence, this ChatGPT extension for Chrome may post tweets on social media networks on your behalf.

It is useful because AI can adopt various behavioral patterns based on the user’s preferences. The Chrome Web Store is where the addon may be downloaded.


Wouldn’t you rather speak to someone than write to them? The ChatGPT Chrome addon transforms AI into a virtual assistant that responds to voice commands. These reactions, however, are based on texts. Additionally, it functions better in English.

YouTube Synopsis Using ChatGPT

Long-term YouTube viewing or transcription might take a lot of time. Using ChatGPT, the Glasp addon creates transcripts and summaries of YouTube videos.

Users can click the “Transcript & Summary” box on the upper right side of the YouTube page after adding the extension.

The addon is useful when people wish to learn more quickly from tutorials on streaming platforms. Any video summary can be viewed by selecting the summary buttons on the thumbnail while the video is playing.


This Chrome add-on benefits user on any website, including search engines, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others. Once the Merlin is installed, choose any piece of content and press Ctrl + M (Windows) or CMD + M (Mac) to open the Merlin Box.

This tool is useful for producing responses, condensing the text, offering content that has been summarised, and more. The creator asserts that it can be used with all Google searches.

Share GPT

The plugin makes it easy for users to bookmark and distribute ChatGPT instructions. Users can share prompts by clicking on the share and bookmark options found under their prompts.

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