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The Different Kinds of Grappling Activities in the United States



The Different Kinds of Grappling Activities in the United States

Are you a professional grappler who’s currently planning a trip to the United States for a competitive event?

If so, you may be wondering what are some of the permissible activities for professional grapplers coming to the United States—yes, some grappling activities require permission. However, there are also some specific rules that are geared for both amateurs and professionals alike.

Ready to learn more about these activities? Keep reading to learn everything there is to know.

What is Grappling

Don’t confuse grappling with wrestling. These are two different activities, though they share a couple of moves. Grappling involves hand-to-hand combat and is often combined with Martial Arts like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo.

Grappling can also occur in wrestling. However, the primary difference is you can use choke holds and arm bars in grappling, but these moves are illegal in wrestling.

The goal in these competitions is to force your opponent to submit using a variety of methods and techniques. So, basically, grappling is a combination of wrestling and martial arts movements.

Why Professionals Learn Grappling Skills

Despite any preconceived notions you may have, you don’t actually have to be a professional MMA fighter to learn grappling skills. Whether you’re attending an MMA gym to boost your fitness or start earning your belts in mixed martial arts, there are a few good reasons why you should learn a few grappling moves.

With grappling, you can more easily avoid takedowns, and even amateurs can get past a professional with a few grappling moves. Who knows, if you use the right moves, you may be able to take your opponent down to the ground. Grappling also teaches you how to fight on the ground and to escape an attacker’s attempt at placing you in submission.

With a little practice, and possibly some strength-training work, you may be able to use grappling moves like sweeps to stay in the dominant position.

Benefits of Grappling

Yes, an obvious benefit of grappling is being able to avoid takedowns from your competitors. Don’t get overconfident in the ring. Learning grappling moves isn’t going to make you unbeatable, but it can give you a slight edge.

However, remember that you’re not allowed to use grappling moves like arm bars and choke holds in traditional wrestling. This will get you disqualified from the event and possibly the tournament. You’ll need to find another way to pin your opponent to the mat.

So, along with the slight edge you get over an opponent, what are the other benefits of grappling?

Boost Cardio, Strength, and Problem-Solving Abilities

Grappling isn’t an activity you do stationary, stuck standing in place; instead, it requires plenty of movement to be effective. The almost constant movement is a great way to get the benefits of a cardio workout in.

The constant movement can also help build strength—at times, you’re holding your opponent’s body weight, along with your own. Keeping your arms wrapped around your opponent is another way you’re building strength. In a sense, it’s kind of like human weightlifting.

How are you boosting your problem-solving abilities with grappling? You are constantly thinking of and planning your next moves. All with the goal of preventing your opponent from pinning you to the ground.

Increase Confidence

Is your confidence a little shaky? Don’t be ashamed if the answer is yes. You’re not alone. Did you know grappling can help you build confidence and increase your mental toughness?

Even though there will be times when your partner gets you in a submissive position, the situation is often reversed. Every time you pin an opponent can result in a boost to your confidence level.

As for your mental toughness, you’re thriving on the mat. Being pinned by an opponent isn’t pleasant, but it’s survivable, and this can toughen you up mentally. Pretty soon, you can handle any of life’s problems with confidence and mental fortitude.

You’re Using Every Muscle in Your Body

Finding a workout that works every muscle in your body is almost impossible unless you’re a grappler. Grappling forces you to use almost every muscle, and this can have countless benefits.

You’re simultaneously stretching and lifting throughout the match. Over time, your body will be stronger and more limber, and you may even feel years younger than your age.

Think about it—for most people, the last time they engaged all of their muscles was when they were learning to crawl and walk.

Find Your Flow State

Your flow state is a term used in meditative practices. You may be grappling with your opponent, but you’re also getting into the zone. This is a way of saying you are completely focused on the activity and effectively blocking out external distractions.

With practice, you’ll soon be able to find your flow at work and home. You may find your productivity is increasing and your ability to concentrate on others.

Form New Friendships

Grappling is a close-contact sport and not one you participate in by yourself. You’ll find the grappling community is tight-knit but always ready to welcome another member.

After rolling around on the ground trying to pin each other down, it’s almost impossible not to form lasting friendships. These friendships will exist in the gym, at events, and even in the real world.

Finding Grappling Activities in the US

Are you a professional grappler visiting the US? If so, you probably want to stay in shape and keep honing your skills. Thankfully, you’re not going to have a problem finding permissible activities for professional grapplers.

Most MMA gyms hold tournaments. You can perform a quick online search to find an MMA gym near your location. The gym’s web page should have a list of its upcoming grappling events and tournaments.

Don’t forget about the American Grappling Federation and the North American Grappling Association, as both hold regular events and tournaments across the United States. However, rules and regulations apply to applicants. For example, you often are required to be a member of a grappling organization located in the U.S.

Enjoy Grappling During Your US Visit

Don’t worry if you’re a professional grappler and visiting the U.S.; you can find plenty of events and tournaments to participate in and show off your array of extensive grappling skills.

Who knows, maybe you’ll even expand your network of friends. You can host these friends at an event in your home country.

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