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The UFC Will Release Francis Ngannou, Says Dana White



The UFC Will Release Francis Ngannou, Says Dana White

(CTN News) – On Saturday, UFC President Dana White announced that Francis Ngannou would be released from his contract and will no longer be the UFC heavyweight champion after he rejected a contract that would have made him the highest-paid heavyweight fighter in UFC history had he accepted it, White said at a press conference.

“We have offered Mr. Ngannou a deal that would make him one of the highest-paid heavyweights of all time,” White explained.

As far as I know, he declined the offer. We are going to release him from his contract at the end of the month. As long as he wants, he can roam wherever he wants and do whatever he wants.”

On March 8, Jon Jones, after a three-year absence from the sport, will get the chance to face Ciryl Gane for the now vacant UFC heavyweight title in Las Vegas, after signing a contract for eight fights.

For the past two years, Ngannou and his manager have been negotiating a revised agreement. This is according to White. Plans are in place for him to fight Jones in the near future.

In his statement, White said, “We cannot continue to hold up the division in order to come to an agreement with this guy.”

According to White, “We did everything in our power to ensure the fight occurred and that he had a chance to fight.” However, he’s got it in his head that there will be bigger opportunities outside of the UFC with lesser opponents.”

There is no doubt that Ngannou was on a six-fight winning streak at the time of his last fight, a victory over Gane that unified the heavyweight division in January 2022.

After he underwent knee surgery in the build-up to that fight, he was injured during sparring sessions, and has not been able to fight again since he was sidelined for a month.

It has been fun having him here. I wish him all the best in the future,” White said at the end of the interview.

Ngannou’s representatives were contacted by CNN for comment, but they did not respond immediately to his request.


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