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Bills Become First NFL Team to Pitch a ‘Perfect’ Offensive Game in Playoffs

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There has never been an offensive performance like the Buffalo Bills’ in the history of the NFL. Buffalo never punted, kicked a field goal, or turned the ball over in its 47-17 blowout victory over the New England Patriots – the first team in league history to go an entire game without any kicks, punts, or turnovers.

On Buffalo’s second-to-last play from scrimmage, backup quarterback Mitch Trubisky kneeled down. This is the first time in NFL playoff history that a team has scored on its first seven possessions.

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Here was the “perfect” offensive game by the Bills:

  • Finished all seven offensive drives with a touchdown (excluding kneel-downs)
  • Averaging 12.3 yards per pass
  • while rushing for 6.0 yards
  • did not take any sacks
  • They converted 6 of 7 3rd downs, and the only time they failed to convert a 3rd down was the final kneel-down of the game
  • Five touchdown passes were thrown compared to four incompletions
  • (Kneeldowns excluded) Gained yards on 49 of 51 plays
  • During the game, there were only two kneel-downs that resulted in negative yardage

As a playoff team, the Bills scored touchdowns on seven consecutive possessions for the second time in Super Bowl history. Another team that accomplished that feat was the 2019 Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Divisional Playoffs against the Houston Texans. Bill Belichick’s team allowed 47 points, the most points it has ever given up in a playoff game, whether he was the head coach or the defensive coordinator.

The Bills may never be able to match what they accomplished in the playoffs on Saturday — an NFL record.

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