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Phoenix Suns: Is Devin Booker On His Way To Becoming A Star?



Phoenix Suns: Is Devin Booker On His Way To Becoming A Star?

(CTN News) – Many are hesitant to put the Phoenix Suns among the top Western Conference contenders after a disappointing end to last season and a dysfunctional offseason.

While much has transpired with this franchise over the past six months, there is one variable that could make all the difference.

Devin Booker makes a final leap.

A championship extension for the Phoenix Suns requires Devin Booker

Booker has become one of the most talented players in the league over the past few seasons. Although he was close to superstardom, he lacked one element in his game.

Being able to take over a game at any time. It is the ability to succeed despite difficult circumstances. Having the ability to overcome anything and everything.

As good as Booker was, he simply didn’t possess that ability. Could all that be changing?

We’ve seen a different Booker from the one we saw in the postseason so far this season.

The last two games of Booker’s Western Conference semifinal series against the Dallas Mavericks showed a shell of himself.

One of the reasons the Mavs won that series was because of that.

This season, Booker has helped lead the Phoenix Suns to a 3-1 record and is averaging 33 points, six rebounds, and three assists on 53 percent shooting from the field and 48 percent from 3-point range.

He is quickly establishing himself as a budding superstar for the Suns. Now, he has the chance to take the final leap to stardom.

For the Phoenix Suns to be a contender this season, Booker must maintain this level of production. Particularly as Chris Paul’s game shows signs of aging.

Paul has had a difficult start to the season. Paul has averaged 10 points on 37 percent shooting from the field and 31 percent shooting from three-point range through four games.

It’s not surprising that he’s 37 years old. That’s why Booker’s potential rise to superstardom is so significant.

When the Phoenix Suns acquired Chris Paul a few years ago, they were all-in. Ideally, Paul would elevate Booker until Booker was ready to elevate Paul.


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