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Minkah Fitzpatrick: The Steelers Need More Men Who ‘Want To Work For It’



Minkah Fitzpatrick: The Steelers Need More Men Who 'Want To Work For It'

(CTN News) – Following the Pittsburgh Steelers’ 21-18 loss to the New England Patriots on Thursday night, Minkah Fitzpatrick, the All-Pro safety, took a moment to address a question about the team’s mindset and their feelings after the game.

Fitzpatrick, known for his leadership in the Steelers’ locker room, attributed their problems to a sense of entitlement and a lack of effort.

According to Fitzpatrick, achieving success requires hard work and dedication. He emphasized that too many individuals on the team expect success to come easily without putting in the necessary effort.

Fitzpatrick believes that the team needs more individuals who are willing to work tirelessly for their goals, rather than relying on handouts.

In the NFL, success is not given freely; it is earned through relentless effort, dedication, and a desire to excel. Donning a team jersey does not guarantee triumph; it is the fire within and the hunger to succeed that propels one forward.

To achieve greatness, one must push beyond limits, embrace discomfort, and continuously strive to improve. Success in the NFL is not a destination but a journey, a battle against opponents and obstacles. Let us dispel the misconception that victory is handed out easily.

When asked about the potential for a change in mentality, Fitzpatrick expressed uncertainty. However, he did provide some suggestions on how that mentality could be altered.

He emphasized that the Steelers would need to be willing to put in the effort and engage in introspection.

According to Fitzpatrick, individuals should evaluate their work week, reflect on their actions and behavior, assess their passion for the game, and determine their motivations for playing.

If they discover that they are participating for the wrong reasons or simply because they enjoy it without embracing the challenges, then they should reevaluate their choices.

Although Fitzpatrick was the most critical of his own team’s performance following the loss, coach Mike Tomlin and the rest of the Steelers echoed a similar sentiment: the only way forward is to return to work.

“We must find a solution,” stated center Mason Cole. “We will return to our duties and face the challenges head-on. It may seem like everything is falling apart at the moment, but we will persevere, work hard, and secure victories in the upcoming games.”

When questioned about the team’s direction, Tomlin emphasized the Steelers’ diligent approach as they prepare for their Week 15 match against the Indianapolis Colts, a team also vying for a wild-card spot.

“We will prepare for our next opportunity next week,” Tomlin affirmed. “That is our standard practice. Although this defeat is disheartening, we will bounce back.”

When asked about his confidence in the Steelers’ ability to recover from consecutive losses, as well as their track record of close victories and significant defeats, Tomlin remained steadfast.


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