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Donald Trump has Re-Joined Twitter With New Username After Being Banned For A Long Time

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(CTN News) – The former US President Donald Trump returned to Twitter with a new username @PresTrumpTS after being banned for a long time, but was banned again from the microblogging platform, NDTV reported.

After being banned from Twitter, Donald Trump launched Truth Social to connect with his supporters. He recently republished all those posts from Truth Social on Twitter under the new handle. That account has since been deleted as well.

Donald Trump gets ‘back’ to Twitter only to be banned again

The description of the blocked account read, “President Donald J. Trump’s Truth Social posts on Twitter – Making sure he and Devin Nunes are heard on Twitter while they work on Truth Social.”

Before the account was banned, Huffpost reported that it had 210 tweets, all of which were copied from Donald Trump’s Truth Social account.

Following the attack on the US Capitol by Donald Trump’s supporters on January 09, 2021, Trump was banned from using Twitter.

According to Twitter’s guidelines, any account that attempts to subvert an account that has already been removed by the social media platform will be banned.

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