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Surgical Gloves

Are you looking forward to buying quality and carefully manufactured Surgical Gloves? Well, seek no more because you just landed on the right page. Happy Hands Surgical Gloves is an outstanding Latex gloves manufacturer in Thailand.

Who they are

Happy hands Surgical Gloves are the leading manufacturer of powdered latex gloves. They make powdered examination gloves for hospitals. Over the past 20 years, Happy Hand has been making quality latex powder gloves and has always stood out with its consistency in maintaining quality. Their customer niche has constantly expanded since then, and it now extends to Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and India.

Hygiene and human safety are always their top priority. Hospitals significantly have upgraded their hygiene standards in the run to provide utmost care and safety for their patients. Happy hands gloves decided to make low-protein and powder-free latex hand gloves back in 2015 to help in the mission to reduce irritants. This was an excellent movie and a great show of care and concern for human safety and wellbeing.

Why are happy hands Surgical Gloves the best latex gloves Thailand manufacturer? First and foremost, their products are of high quality and emphasize user safety and wellbeing. Their glove market has multiplied because they are consistent with quality.

Their prices are pretty competitive and surprisingly pocket-friendly. As mentioned earlier, their top priority is user sat faction and safety. I can promise you won’t go off your budget buying their high-quality gloves.

Top-notch examination hand gloves are cautiously crafted and bundled for your market. Your contentment as a consumer is our primary concern and guarantee to you. All procedures and raw materials are subjected to quality checks at all levels, To ensure that their hand gloves meet the necessary quality standards. We have the most up-to-date machinery and technical expertise to ensure that the quality of your gloves is retained all through the production process.

Their Products

Lightly powdered latex examination hand gloves focus on Quality, convenience, and reliability. The lightly powdered latex hand gloves are one of the best you can get in the market. Happy hands gloves have made sure that theirs stands out by making them non-sterile. These are well made and provide the perfect grip needed in handling medical instruments and objects in hospitals. They are simply the best for doing patient examinations.

Powdered and Powder-Free Latex Surgical Gloves

If you are looking for the perfect Surgical Gloves to use in your hospital, these are simply the real deal. Happy hands gloves have made the best powdered latex gloves and powder-free latex gloves for the longest time. These work well with doing patient examinations. First of all, their powderless nature makes them safe and excellent for handling allergic patients. They have been coated with polymer to minimize the chances of cross-contamination between the medics and patients.

As professional and user-oriented as possible, happy hands gloves got everyone covered. They make Surgical Gloves for hospital purposes and make excellent gloves for those handling heavy and rough machines in the industries. Their gloves are protective enough to keep sharp objects and rough-textured objects from causing bruises on your hands. These Surgical Gloves are of high quality and last for quite enough time.

How to Contact Them

You can simply get in touch with them at:

Company email:

Marketing Manager:

Assistant Marketing:

Give them a call or WhatsApp them:

Arnima Shukla: +66 970 323 652

K.K.Dwivedy: +66 8 66863948

Raja: +66 8 58850948

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