Woman Flees San Francisco For Singapore Over Lawlessness
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Woman Flees San Francisco for Singapore Over Lawlessness



Woman Flee San Francisco for Singapore Over Lawlessness

People relocate to Singapore for a variety of reasons. It could be due to a variety of factors, including opportunities, the perpetual summer climate, or even family ties. One Asian American woman relocated from San Francisco to Singapore for reasons of personal safety.

Heather Chan, a content creator, explained in a 160-second TikTok video why she no longer resides in San Francisco.

She moved from her hometown of Cupertino, California, to the Bay Area in 2013 so that she could study architecture at the University of San Francisco.

@unicornheatt Why I left San Francisco…and moved to Singapore Still love san francisco and left my heart there 🤍but i think san francisco in 2023 is just too dangerous and not worth the risk. #leavingsanfrancisco #sgexpat #movedabroad #sanfranciscocrime #leavingcalifornia ♬ original sound – unicornheatt

She remarked, “San Francisco was always the dream because it’s the best city in the world” before adding, “Or so I thought.”

The 28-year-old brought attention to the downfall of San Francisco following the passage of Proposition 47 in 2014.

Under the new rule, thefts with a value of less than US$950 (S$1305.95) will no longer be considered felonies, including robberies.

Since there will be no felony charges for theft, more people are willing to engage in it.

Heather recalled that she had experienced a “general feeling of lawlessness” when living in San Francisco.

She gave the example of having her car broken into three times during her first year as a car owner in 2021 to support her argument.

A Singapore resident of six months, Heather, told AsiaOne that she feels completely protected in the city.

You won’t need to worry about your stuff. There is never any worry about the stability of the situation,” she continues.

She was attacked in San Francisco on her way home from the dentist, and it happened during the day. Moreover, “people were around me [but] no one said anything,” she remarked.

Heather says that robberies are extremely rare in Singapore.

Heather continues, “You can wear AirPods and go for runs anytime of day, even in the middle of the night, and nothing is really gonna happen to you.”

Moreover, while out walking her dog a week before she left for Singapore, she spotted a man fleeing three metres away from her while carrying a gun. One of the safest areas of that US metropolis, Rincon Hill, was the scene of the crime.

She said, “At that very instant, I saw my entire life flash before my eyes.”

Heather uses her experience walking around Singapore with her husband while playing Pokemon Go and having to watch out solely for automobiles and motorised scooters to demonstrate her point.

In contrast, her husband in San Francisco had to follow her while she walked the dog so that he could keep an eye out for criminals.

She also emphasised the importance of women in San Francisco having access to self-defense tools like tasers and pepper spray. However, Heather doubts that would help because she freezes up under pressure.

She expressed her appreciation for being in Singapore as she recounted each anecdote.

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