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Why do Women Need Collagen? Reasons that will make you make an Order at the Pharmacy




Creams and serums with collagen are an absolute must-have for girls over 20, and every self-respecting wellness adept has capsules with this supplement at home. We all know about “beauty injections” and special collagen diets. So in what form is it better to get collagen and is it really necessary for our body?

What is collagen

It is a protein found in skin, muscles, tendons, nails, hair, and even bones. Each of us consists of a third of collagen (from the total number of proteins and amino acids).

If it is enough, then a person enjoys his even and smooth skin and luxurious hair, elastic gait and flexibility. If the amount of collagen begins to decline (with age or because of bad habits), there are many reasons to worry about your health and beauty. Science knows 25 types of collagen, all of them are absorbed and synthesized in the body in different ways.

Collagen in the skin

In the epidermis, it is located in the “base” – this is the dermal layer. Collagen accounts for a good ⅔ of all the proteins that make up skin tissue. A simple test for the level of collagen and elastin, which is recommended by cosmetologists: squeeze a small area of ​​skin on your arm, hold for 10-15 seconds and see how soon it straightens out after deformation. If this happens quickly, and there are no folds or creases left, everything is fine with collagen. In all other cases, the natural synthesis of collagen can be considered reduced.

Even with the most competent care at the age of 35+, the amount of collagen in the skin begins to decrease. If at the same time you smoke and drink little water, spend a lot of time on the beach or in the solarium, eat fast food or ruthlessly torment yourself with diets (dramatically gain and lose weight), you will have to get acquainted with all the sad consequences of a lack of collagen even earlier.

How to increase the amount of collagen in the skin?

It is most reasonable to replenish collagen reserves in all available ways: take supplements, balance the diet, choose age-appropriate skin care cosmetics. We offer to deal with the designations on the labels of beauty products.

Collagen (Native Collagen)

This type of collagen is obtained from the cartilage of animals, it has large molecules that cannot penetrate deep into the skin. As part of the cream, it is needed to create a film on the surface of the skin or in its upper layers that retains moisture in the cells. Native Collagen is often used in the production of hair cosmetics (shampoos, conditioners), as well as nail care products. Native collagen is one of the best collagen for skin.

Soluble Collagen

This collagen is also produced from animal cartilage, but it is processed differently than in the previous case. Medium-sized molecules perfectly help retain moisture (skin becomes smoother and becomes more even, radiant and youthful) and protect against external influences. However, both supporters of the green movement and vegans are against the use of this component.

Atelocollagen (Soluble Marine Collagen)

In its structure, the molecules of this collagen are closest to human ones, so they easily penetrate into the deepest layers of the epidermis. It is obtained from the bone and cartilage tissue of fish, and it is considered one of the most effective, since skin renewal occurs at the cellular level. However, please note that there may be an allergy to “marine collagen”.

Plant Collagen

Or the so-called vegetable collagen, which actually does not exist. Instead, vegetable proteins derived from algae or wheat are added to really effective and useful creams and serums. They contain all the amino acids needed by the skin. These are very small molecules, so they are easily absorbed by cells. This type of “collagen” is less likely to have an allergic reaction than real, and this is an obvious plus. The downsides are that allergies can still occur, and such products are quite expensive to manufacture (therefore, the final price tag in the store can be a little discouraging).

In a fashionable environment, it is believed that it is easier and faster to inject collagen than to smear a cream on the skin and wait for the result. And this statement is generally true: rejuvenation of the epidermis begins at a deep level, the skin becomes noticeably denser and smoother after the first procedures. Whether to do injections, how much, how often and at what age, which type of collagen to choose? Absolutely no need to go to fashion bloggers on Instagram for answers to these questions. Only a competent cosmetologist with a medical education can assess the condition of your skin and the need for such procedures.

Collagen for joints, skeleton and muscles

Our bodies are built surprisingly wisely: with a lack or excess of physical activity, the joints begin to signal pain, swelling, decreased flexibility and mobility. They will stay healthy longer if a person eats right and chooses the best sport for himself (swimming, gentle stretching, walking).

Collagen in capsules, powder or as part of sports shakes will also help improve the condition. e joints: this protein accelerates recovery after injuries, operations, in the initial stages of arthritis and osteoporosis (it is very good to take collagen to prevent their occurrence!), Teenagers need it during increased growth of the skeleton and muscles. It is important to remember at the same time that even a constant intake of collagen will not become a “magic wand” if you lead a sedentary and not very healthy lifestyle.

What are Collagen Supplements or Preparations?

Manufacturers use the same animal or fish cartilage to produce collagen. Note that collagen capsules and powder are usually suitable for those who have gluten or milk protein intolerance, but a specialist should always be consulted before taking any drug.

What remains for those who cannot take supplements for various reasons? Look for collagen in foods. However, we all need to figure out our eating habits and balance the diet.


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