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Everything You Need To Know About a Vaping Device

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From loading the chamber to cleaning, here’s what you need to know about vaping. Are you ready to try vaping? Using a weed vaporizer NZ is a popular way of getting a hit of THC.

The devices are easily portable and simple to use, even if it is your first time vaping. However, to get the most out of your Mighty vaporizer there are a few things every smoker should know.

How to Get the Perfect Draw

Getting the perfect draw starts with filling the weed chamber. For best results, you will need a weed grinder. Smaller bits of dry herb heat up easier and faster than a bud. You also waste less weed when it’s ground.

Pack the chamber and press the power button. The Mighty vaporizer also has a couple of buttons for temperature settings. Select the temperature and wait for the device to vibrate. The vibrations let you know when the vaping stick is at the preferred temperature.

Finally, inhale on the mouthpiece and exhale.

The heating element vaporizes the THC in the herb and you release it in the smoke.

You get a flavor hit that doesn’t burn your throat or lungs.

Some tips for temperature settings are as follows:

  • 350-365 °F gives you a lot of flavor with minimal vapor/smoke.
  • 375-390 °F retains the flavor and produces plenty of smoke
  • 390-410 °F produces less flavor and a lot of smoke

Something to consider is the battery life. Higher temperatures require the battery to work harder shortening the amount of time between charges. If you are not able to charge the vaping stick throughout the day, it’s probably best to stick with a lower temperature setting.

Don’t worry about turning the vaping stick off. The device automatically powers down after two minutes of non-use.

Keeping the Vaping Device Clean

A dirty vaporizer NZ isn’t going to produce the same bad-tasting hits as a water pipe. However, you still want to get the vape stick clean.

Not only does a clean vaping device produce a stronger, smoother hit, but it also tends to need replacing less frequently.

Don’t worry. Cleaning a weed vaporizer isn’t nearly as messy or time-consuming as rinsing out a dirty water pipe. You also don’t have to deal with dirty, foul-smelling water.

While a vaporizer doesn’t come with a lot of pieces, there are some you do not want to get wet.

As you are dissembling the vaping stick, place the heating element and O-rings off to the side.

These pieces you can gently wipe down with a clean rag or towel.

Go ahead and drop the mouthpiece and cooling unit in a glass of water. Let the parts soak for a few minutes to loosen and remove any resin and stuck-on bits of herb.

Letting the heating element warm up before removing can make it easier to wipe off any sticky residue.

After thoroughly drying the cooling unit and mouthpiece, start reassembling the vaping device.

Cleaning the vaporizer is almost as easy as using it to get a hearty puff.


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