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WHO to Meet on Jan. 27 to Decide if COVID-19 is Still an Emergency



WHO to Meet on Jan. 27 to Decide if COVID-19 is Still an Emergency

(CTN News) – The Covid epidemic will be reviewed by the World Health Organization (WHO) to see if it still qualifies as a global emergency.

The organization will meet on Friday, January 27, to discuss altering its categorization. Three years after a worldwide emergency was proclaimed, action was taken.

At a news conference in Geneva, WHO spokeswoman Carla Drysdale reportedly confirmed the planned meeting.

The WHO Director-General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has been receiving advice from the Emergency Committee on his decision to create such a classification.

The Covid pandemic has been classified as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, the agency’s highest degree of concern.

The significant number of illnesses coming from China, which modified its zero-Covid policy last month, has several WHO experts and top scientists stating that it may be too soon to downgrade the epidemic from a global health emergency.

To lessen the spread of the newest Omicron subvariant of the virus, experts are encouraging nations to consider mandating that passengers wear masks on long-haul flights.

The subvariant has spread quickly in the US, and many people have reported experiencing severe symptoms.

Catherine Smallwood, the senior emergency officer for Europe for the WHO, supported the general suggestions.

Passengers traveling from areas with extensive Covid-19 transmission should be given this advice.

The most contagious subvariant discovered so far is XBB.1.5 from Omicron. According to the WHO, it is to blame for 27.6% of Covid cases in the US.

But according to specialists, it is not yet known whether it will spread illnesses globally.

According to experts, modern vaccinations protect against hospitalization, serious illness, and death.

In light of China’s recent decision to abandon its infamously harsh Zero Covid policy, several nations across the globe have reinstated Covid regulations.

Thailand reinstated the requirement that all visitors be immunized before entering the country, but the rule was dropped soon after.

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