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US: Woman Takes On Attacking Pit Bull In Order To Protect Her Pet Dog

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US: Woman Takes On Attacking Pit Bull In Order To Protect Her Pet Dog

A woman in Ohio recently took action against a pit bull that was attacking her pet dog, even though she had tried to pry the pit bull’s grip loose and use her body as a shield to protect her pet. Last Monday, Jennifer Love, 52, let her two dogs out in the backyard of her home in Newton Township before leaving for work, reported Fox8.

Later in the day, however, Jennifer found out her 12-year-old Eskimo Pomeranian mix named Kevin was being mauled by a pit bull that had broken loose from its tether a few blocks away. Jennifer Love told FOX8, “I was thinking, ‘No, this can’t happen. You can’t kill my dog, not in front of me, I won’t let that happen.'” Love also said that she tried to control the situation, but it was unsuccessful. “She just kept returning, relentlessly.”

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How did the woman save her dog?

In spite of several failed attempts to rescue her dog, Jennifer got exhausted and thought about what she learned in a self-defense class. “You gouge them in the eyes, you bite them, whatever.” She bit me hard in the ear. “It could have been fatal.” Both I and the dog were losing.

When she bit the dog’s ear, a couple of her teeth were ripped out, but created enough of a distraction for a neighbor to pull the dog away. “I ran to the car and picked up my dog. My neighbor was outside. She heard my screams and helped me take the dog to the vet,” she added, reported FOX8.

In the meantime, the owner of the pit bull, 42-year-old William Dempsey, is being held accountable. He faces charges of improperly fettering the dog. Animal control officers took the pit bull for rabies observation. Although Love and her dog are recovering at home, she has not rethought her actions on Monday. She added, “I’m just glad he’s alive.”. “He is a very good dog,” she told FOX8.

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