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Under Olivia Wilde’s Car, Jason Sudeikis Reportedly Blocked Harry Styles From Seeing Her



Under Olivia Wilde's Car, Jason Sudeikis Reportedly Blocked Harry Styles From Seeing Her

(CTN News) – There’s a new character in the messiest celebrity uncoupling: Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde’s ex-nanny.

The woman explained how the long-term couple’s relationship ended at the end of 2020 in a very detailed Daily Mail interview, along with screenshots of text messages.

She also mentioned Sudeikis lying under Wilde’s car so she couldn’t see Harry Styles, her then-new boyfriend.

In spite of countless celebrity news cycles about Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde’s split-which both parties have fed in different ways-the former nanny says it was much worse than previously reported.

According to Wilde, she broke up with Sudeikis in mid-2020, and her relationship with Styles didn’t overlap. Their daughter, Daisy, would be a flower girl at the wedding; Wilde is talking about getting married in October 2020.

nanny, who wasn’t named by the Daily Mail, claimed that Wilde dumped Sudeikis after she started directing Don’t Worry Darling.

Wilde and Sudeikis broke up at their Los Angeles home on Nov. 8 after moving into a hotel for a covid outbreak on set. The Monday after was like this:

A nanny told us Wilde was making Styles a salad at the Los Angeles house the next weekend with her “special dressing.”

(I have no idea what that dressing might be, but if you know anything, please let us know.) This action seemed to enrage Sudeikis, and he apparently lay under Wilde’s car so she couldn’t leave.

 Olivia Wilde’s didn’t take couples counseling seriously, the nanny said. I didn’t want her to go.”

Sudeikis’ erratic behavior is a result of Olivia Wilde’s abrupt departure, she says. He’d be happy one day, then curse Wilde’s name the next.

The nanny said she tried to end her professional relationship with the family in January 2021, but agreed to work for another six months, until a “drunk and out of control” Sudeikis fired her on Feb. 1.

Why are you messaging [Wilde]? It’s because you’ve been drinking. “You’re angry and I’m afraid of you,” the nanny told a tabloid.

Sudeikis would eventually find out the extent of Olivia Wilde’s relationship with Styles because of an Apple Watch she left behind. Later, he banned the nanny from playing Styles’ music.

Even a domestic worker with two decades of experience like this would be in an inhumane situation. The Daily Mail says abruptly fired without severance.

She has been unable to claim unemployment because the couple says she resigned. So it makes sense she’s airing this dirty laundry!

A decent severance package seems like a pretty straightforward way to keep further details of a very public breakup private.


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