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UK To Stop Publishing Infection Data In New Year For ‘Living With COVID’ Phase



UK To Stop Publishing Infection Data In New Year For 'Living With COVID' Phase

(CTN News) – As the nation transitions to living with the virus with the help of vaccines and medications, the UK health authorities announced on Monday that they would stop publishing their routine COVID-19 infections modeling data in the new year. This is because they believe it is “no longer necessary.”

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) said it would keep an eye on COVID, just as it does with other widespread viral diseases like the flu.

As a monitoring tool, information on the new coronavirus’s reproduction rate, or the R-value pace at which it infects humans, has been released every two weeks since April of this year.

According to Dr. Nick Watkins, head of the UKHSA Epidemiology Modeling Review Group, “during the epidemic, the R-value and growth rate served as a helpful and easy indicator to guide public health action and government choices” (EMRG).

“The disclosure of this particular data is no longer essential,” he added. “Vaccines and therapies have enabled us to shift to a period where we live with COVID-19, with surveillance reduced but continuously monitored via various markers.

We keep an eye on COVID-19 activity, like how we keep an eye on some other widespread ailments and diseases.

All data published are maintained under regular evaluation, and if necessary—for instance, if a new variety of concerns were to be discovered—this modeling data may be quickly reintroduced.

The EMRG said its most recent thorough assessment concluded that the next publication of their alleged “consensus statement” on COVID-19, scheduled for January 6, 2023, “will be the last.”

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) infection survey will still provide access to the COVID incidence statistics for the UK.

The last COVID limitations in the nation, including the need to self-isolate at home while experiencing symptoms, were lifted earlier this year.

The health officials had advised people who showed indications of respiratory disease to avoid mingling over the joyous holiday season due to an anticipated surge in infections throughout the winter months.

As more people mingle inside this winter, we see an increase in flu infections and hospital admissions.

Everyone eligible must continue to come forward and get their booster vaccine before the end of the year, said Dr. Mary Ramsay, Director of Public Health Programs, last week.

Hospitalization rates due to COVID-19 are still the greatest in individuals 65 and over.

COVID-19 and flu may cause serious sickness or even death for those most at risk in our communities, so it is also crucial to avoid contact with others if you’re feeling under the weather to help stop infections spreading during the Christmas and new year period,” she added.

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