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UK PM Sunak Gathers a Cabinet to ‘Work hard’ on Fixing the Economy



UK PM Sunak Gathers a Cabinet to 'Work hard' on Fixing the Economy

(CTN News) – Wednesday is the first time that British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will meet with his newly selected cabinet. Sunak took office on Tuesday with a pledge to correct his predecessor’s faults and stabilize the economy.

The preparation for a fiscal statement, awaited by the financial markets and due on October 31 but may be delayed by a few days, will be at the top of Sunak’s agenda.

Foreign Minister James Cleverly told Sky News that he did not have a “precise confirmation” of the date when asked about the announcement’s schedule, which is anticipated to outline how the government would close a budget gap of up to 40 billion pounds ($45.88 billion).

Naturally, Sunak will want to spend some time working on the specifics of that, Cleverly added. “We are conscious of the urgency. People, as we know, like certainty. We know that citizens desire more information about the government’s intentions.”

After Liz Truss‘ short tenure as prime minister was marred by disarray, Sunak took over as leader. On Tuesday, Sunak decided against appointing a new finance minister but did choose a cabinet that represented a variety of political viewpoints from inside the Conservative Party.

The Labour Party quickly criticized his choices, focusing on the reinstatement of legislator Suella Braverman as interior minister less than a week after Truss fired her for a security violation.

As the third prime minister of Britain this year, Sunak has a formidable list of issues in addition to the economic crisis, such as how to mend and rebuild a party torn apart by months of scandals and disputes.

The prime minister’s new cabinet will work hard to serve the interests of the British people, according to a source in his office at Number 10 Downing Street.

Sunak will confront opposition Labour Party leader Keir Starmer for the first time at Prime Minister’s Questions, the weekly highlight of politics in parliament, at noon (1100 GMT).

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