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Mother Arrested after Strangling Newborn with Phone Cable

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Police in northeastern Thailand arrested a 19-year-old woman for killing her newborn baby then disposing of the baby’s body in a rice field. She strangled the newborn girl with the cord from her mobile phone charger.

The newborn’s mother’s arrest transpired after a suitcase stuffed with the corpse of a newborn baby girl was found by villagers in a rice field. The villagers reported the gruesome discovery to the police, prompting an investigation.

Police determined the baby and been in the suitcase for approximately three to five days.

Upon a forensic examination of the murdered newborn girl and the suitcase, a t-shirt with the logo of a well-known delivery company was found with the baby. Police investigators used clues from the t-shirt. The teenaged woman was apprehended at an apartment on Sunday.

The teenager allegedly confessed to delivering the baby girl in her apartment room. She admitted to police female officers strangled the baby girl with her mobile phone charger. She said she pulled on the cord until the infant went silent.

The teenaged woman then wrapped the newborn’s body with several t-shirts then put them into a suitcase. She took the suitcase on her motorcycle and disposed of it in a local rice field.

The newborn’s mother allegedly said she strangled the newborn girl in fear her boyfriend of six months would find out about her being pregnant. Moreover, she thought the baby would not be acceptable to her parents.

She was charged with premeditated murder. Police also noted that they discovered the woman’s whereabouts because the infant has wrapped in her boyfriend’s work t-shirt. Police tracked her down through his employer.


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