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Abortion Will be Legal in 110 Locations in Thailand From October 27th

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Abortion Will be Legal in 110 Locations in Thailand From October 27th

(CTN News) – From October 27th, women in Thailand between the ages of 12 and 20 may legally have an abortion at 110 hospitals and clinics that perform the procedure nationwide, provided they first consult medical professionals.

Following a directive issued by the Ministry of Public Health regarding exams and consultations, legal terminations have been made.

The modification addresses many women’s issues when they believe they are not ready to have children but lack a method for getting advice.

Thailand’s Medical Council approved the Public Health Ministry’s abortion directive

The Public Health Ministry’s directive on abortions has been approved by the Thai Medical Council and is in line with the constitutional principle that an individual has rights and liberties over their life and body, according to Dr. Boonyarit Sookrat, director of the Bureau of Reproductive Health at the Department of Health.

He further emphasized that medical professionals who conduct abortions won’t face legal repercussions for carrying out a termination under the new rules.

Thailand Legalizes Abortion

He said that even if abortions would soon be allowed, some women may not want to get pregnant because they are not ready but are frightened to do so out of guilt, necessitating previous professional counselling.

There are hospitals and clinics authorized to provide abortions in 39 provinces nationwide. At state hospitals, women may utilize their gold health cards to get care.

By phoning the 1663 hotline or visiting the website, you may get more information regarding abortion services.

Supecha Baotip, a pro-choice activist who has spent more than ten years for the legalization of abortions in Thailand, lauded the new abortion legislation as a significant breakthrough in tackling the issue of unintended pregnancies.

She also deemed it fair to compel pregnant women to consult with experts beforehand.

Sudarat Boonprasert, another proponent of abortion rights, said that she had an abortion roughly five years ago and that, at the time, there were no avenues through which she could seek advice concerning her pregnancy.

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