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Electrical fire Broke Out in Front of a Pattaya Massage Parlor, No injuries were Reported



Electrical fire Broke Out in Front of a Pattaya Massage Parlor, No injuries were Reported

(CTN News) – Pattaya has seen yet another destructive fire.

Last night, a large electrical fire started in front of a Pattaya massage parlor. When firefighters arrived on the scene, a fire was burning overhead wires and signs in front of the fire on Soi 13 on Pattaya Second Road.

Meanwhile, horrified onlookers saw the tragedy as it happened. The firemen finally doused the fires, but falling embers marred several locals’ automobiles from the blazing wires. Luckily, there were no reported injuries.

The Pattaya News was informed by tourists who saw the fire that they heard multiple booms.

Unnamed witnesses said that employees attempting to install an overhead sign started the incident. The witness said their equipment became tangled in the cables and started the fire.

The precise cause of the fire is still being looked into.

This information follows a flurry of other recent fires in Pattaya.

Chinese vacationers left a Pattaya pool home last week after a devastating fire broke out. The fire destroyed a room on the villa’s second story on Soi Sukhumvit 4 in Chon Buri’s Bang Lamung neighborhood.

The home housed five to six Chinese visitors when the fire caused mayhem. Fortunately, the visitors managed to make it out safely before help came.

Days before, a fire in the Bang Lamung district’s Phu Thara hamlet destroyed a Canadian man’s 20 million baht luxury property.

According to Siriwat Prachit, a fireman of Nong Prue Municipality, the fire began on the ground level and quickly spread across the whole building, destroying every room until only the charred remains of the luxurious home were left.

Only a few days before, a condo in Pattaya’s Bang Lamung neighborhood caught fire once again. Over 200 inhabitants of the Amazon Residence Condominium were forced to flee due to the roaring fire, and at least five individuals were hurt.

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