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Thailand Defends Abstaining on UN Vote to Condemn Russia



Thailand Defends Abstaining on UN Vote to Condemn Russia

Thailand has defended its decision to abstain from the United Nations General Assembly vote that overwhelmingly criticized Russia’s ambitions to annex four areas of Ukraine. Stating that the measure was “counterproductive” and would impede constructive engagement.

The four eastern Ukrainian provinces of Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhia, and Kherson became part of Russia after Vladimir Putin signed the paperwork.

The annexation occurred after the referendums, which the West criticized as “illegal” and a “sham.”

In a statement released by Thailand’s foreign ministry on Thursday, Suriya Jindawong, Thailand’s ambassador and permanent representative to the U.N., stated, “Condemnation causes intransigence and severely diminishes the likelihood of constructive engagement.”

Our country is “very concerned about the rising politicization of international norms, which have become unhelpful as a method to end the war.”

Thailand voted in favour of a United Nations resolution denouncing Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Ambassador Suriya stated that such a move would “minimize the opportunity for crisis diplomacy to bring about a peaceful and realistic negotiated conclusion to the conflict,” which might lead the globe to nuclear catastrophe and economic collapse.

Previously, Thailand voted in favour of a United Nations resolution denouncing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and demanding its departure.

Thailand and most of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations abstained from voting in April to suspend Russia from the United Nations Human Rights Council.

This most recent resolution, which urged all governments not to acknowledge Moscow’s annexation and demanded its rapid reversal, was endorsed by 143 states, the largest number since the invasion began in February.

Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos were among the 35 nations that abstained from voting, while five nations led by Russia voted against the resolution.

A Thai researcher stated Thursday that the Kingdom’s connection with China could have affected its abstention.

Naing Lin, a political science instructor at Chiang Mai University, told CTN News that Thailand’s abstention from the Russo-Ukraine crisis demonstrates the country’s lack of moral discernment.

Thailand ASEAN

Thailand, like other ASEAN nations, “has serious worries about its relationship with a superpower that supports Russia, such as China,” he said.

Regardless of how Thailand voted, there will be consequences. The researcher stated that the Kingdom should have supported the correct side. “Russia is plainly in error in this instance, he said.

We are a diplomatic nation and should have been with most U.N. countries.”

Despite its abstention, the Kingdom “mourns the physical, social, and humanitarian destruction of Ukraine and the great suffering of the Ukrainian people.”

Meanwhile, Suriya reaffirmed the Kingdom’s commitment to a state’s “sovereignty and territorial integrity” and its policy of opposing any threats involving “the use of force to take over the territory of another state without provocation.”

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