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A 2 Minute Guide to Choosing a Vaping Device



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Whether you are a long-time smoker wanting to quit or a newbie looking to experiment, you will likely be bewildered by the available vaping devices. A brief guide to making the right choice of a vaping device for better enjoyment:


As the name suggests, this device resembles a real cigarette in shape and size. It contains an atomizer, a battery, and a flavour cartridge. Some devices have a red LED light at the tip to look like real cigarettes. You only need to inhale to activate the device.

The device is portable, easy to use, and perfect for beginners who prefer inhaling the vapour through the mouth. However, the battery life of a Cig-a-Like is limited, and the device has less-juice capacity.

Its performance is relatively weak because it produces fewer vapours. However, according to John Hopkins Medicine, even though vaping is safer than smoking, it can be addictive.

Box Mod

A box mod is bulkier since the batteries and sub-ohm tank is external. However, most devices permit users to see the ohmmeter and adjust the temperature settings by controlling the wattage. The device has in-built safety features to protect the user from spit-back.

A box mod allows you to control your vaping experience. You also get the benefit of longer battery life. The device allows you to inhale directly into the lung or from the mouth to the lung.

It can take a little time to get used to the device, and you need to keep buying fresh external batteries. If you want a sophisticated device, visit

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Vape Pens

Vape pens are simple and compact. Every device has a juice tank and a battery you can recharge using a USB port. You can use direct-to-lung in addition to mouth-to-lung inhalation techniques. Most vape pens can deliver equal to 12 mg of nicotine and have a rated power of 80 watts.

A safety feature shuts it off after a couple of seconds to prevent overheating. The device is easy to use, portable, and affordable. However, many users complain of vape pens leaking juice and having problems with the battery, which also has a relatively shorter life.

Mechanical Mods

Typically, a mechanical mod is tubular shaped and consists of three components, a case, an atomizer, and a battery. These devices are best for experienced users who want to customize their vaping experience.

However, you need to be careful because mechanical mods lack safety features. You can also use a mechanical mod if you want to modify the device to deliver a custom experience. However, it is not a device suited for beginners.


Pod Mod

The device operates at a low wattage, typically below 16 watts, and uses e-juices with nicotine salts. The device is user-friendly, portable, and ideal for users looking to vape a higher nicotine concentration. However, the battery life is relatively short, and vaping duration is limited due to the higher nicotine concentration.


The choice of a vaping device depends on your experience and your expectations. Beginners will do well to start with a simple device and work their way upward as they figure out what they want.

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