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42 Thai Rescue Workers Leave Bangkok for Rescue and Relief Operations in Turkey



42 Thai Rescue Workers Leave Bangkok for Rescue and Relief Operations in Turkey

(CTN News) – According to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, the first team of 42 Thai rescue personnel from the Department of Public Disaster Prevention and Mitigation will depart Bangkok for Turkey tonight (Thursday) to assist with rescue and relief efforts after the terrible earthquake.

As well as sending the Turkish embassy in Thailand five million baht in humanitarian help, the Thai government commiserated with the Turkish government and people over the disaster. Prime Minister Prayut. The team of rescuers will bring medical supplies, relief goods, and rescue gear.

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake on Monday is expected to have killed more than 15,000 people in Turkey and Syria, and the death toll is still climbing.

Lerpong Suansang, the team leader from the Department of Public Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, said the 42-member Thai search and rescue team traveling to Turkey is part of a 50-nation rescue effort organized by the United Nations.

Today, Lerpong indicated that the Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Thailand team’s first foreign operation would take place, and they would spend 10 days in Turkey.

The squad comprises coordinators, medical professionals, sniffer dogs, and rescuers. It’s separated into:

  • collaboration in impacted regions with Turkish or UN authorities
  • searches conducted with sniffer dogs
  • rescue efforts, logistical assistance, and medical care

Lerpong said it is unclear where the Thai squad would be transferred but added that the team is qualified and complies with UN requirements.

He acknowledged that aftershocks, which may occur at any moment and are unexpected, are the mission’s biggest worry.

As a result, they must set up tents and camps as it may not be safe to sleep in structures. He said that the group must also be ready for the cold.

The prime minister sent condolences to the family of the Thai lady who died in the earthquake and asked the ministry of foreign affairs to work with Turkish authorities to make arrangements for the deceased and aid the 30 or so Thai nationals who are now staying in temporary housing.

Thai citizens who were impacted by the earthquake in Turkey may reach the Thai Embassy 24 hours a day by Facebook or by phone in an emergency.

Their Thai relatives may also reach the Department of Consular Affairs by dialing 02-572-8442.

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