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Texas Immigration Law Is Temporarily Halted By The Supreme Court

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Texas Immigration Law Is Temporarily Halted By The Supreme Court

(CTN News) – As Vice President Biden’s administration challenges the Texas immigration law passed last year, the Supreme Court on Monday extended the temporary block on that law.

A conservative Justice Samuel Alito issued a temporary freeze on the decision of a lower court, once again enforcing the court’s temporary freeze on lower court decisions. There was a statement by the court that said the law would remain on hold “pending further orders” of the court.

Over the past few months, Alito has intervened three times on behalf of Texas to prevent the law from going into effect on March 10, despite the fact that the lower court had scheduled the law to go into effect on that date.

There was a deadline of Monday evening for his most recent order to expire, so if the Supreme Court had not intervened, the law would have gone into effect.

It has now been ruled that the ruling will be blocked indefinitely and all nine justices will have additional time to decide what steps they will take going forward.

The police will be able to arrest migrants who are Texas crossing the border illegally from Mexico in the future as a result of SB4, which is a law that creates criminal penalties for illegal migrants.

In Texas court papers, the Texas Solicitor General, Elizabeth Prelogar, stated that the statute is “flatly incompatible” with Supreme Court precedent that dates back 100 years.

Attorney General Ken Paxton defended the law in court documents, arguing that the measure complements the federal law and should be allowed to be enforced by the state as well.

As he sees it, the Constitution recognizes that Texas has the sovereign right to defend itself against violent transnational cartels flooding the area with fentanyl and weapons, as well as a variety of acts of violence that occur in the area.

In addition to the city of El Paso challenging the law, there are also two immigrant advocacy groups, Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center and American Gateways, who have filed their own emergency requests with the Supreme Court.


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